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First of all, I have an AMAZING friends list. Not a few hours after I posted my last OOC notice about greetingsfrom going away, I had not one but TWO people who created one!

onapostcard and wish_you, both of which I will be joining very excitedly! I recommend everyone else does, too! Cause it's awesome! Thank you so much, guys! *squees*

For each prompt, the Doctor will be addressing someone, like "Donna" or "Martha", and any muse with that name is welcome to reply, be it meta-ly or not. I imagine the TARDIS will send it wherever they are, even if the Doctor won't.

Also, thank you very much (some of these are a little belated) to littlemorelove for the bunch of roses, banished_dame for the mix-tape, ambitious_woman for the lovely rose, and the Nyssa-muse for the polar bear. You all make me smile, thank you!
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