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In case you weren't aware, Jack (that's onlysayinghello and I rude_not_ginger) were nominated in this whole Olympic business as a Toboggan team. So, just in case you weren't aware...this is what happened. All went down...in the Winter Olympics...must've been 1948 or so. So...enjoy. And remember to vote for us!

There was something alarmingly amusing about the notion of Jack and the Doctor not only ending up at The Winter Olympics of 1948, but also that they'd somehow managed to get mistaken for the French team... for Skeleton, which Jack was pretty sure was actually called Tobogganing. Of course that was nothing compared to the fact that the Doctor seemed sort of unimpressed by the whole thing. Standing there at the top of the run, Jack looked out, "Come on... it's the Olympics! 1948? This team doesn't even win! We can just have fun! It's a long way down Doctor."

"Do you have any idea how many laws of time we're breaking? Not to mention all of the interfering we're doing. You know I would never, ever be party to this much interfering!"

Long pause.

A wide grin broke out across the Doctor's face. "How do we steer this thing?"

Jack laughed clapping his hands together as the Doctor finally embraced the idea. Also the fact that he now seemed to be liking the idea of steering it meant that Jack would be in the rear... which well... that suited him just fine. Glancing to the sled now perched on the track that would eventually let them loose onto the snow below he shrugged, "I'd think... you know I never thought about it. I always watched, never actually tried to figure out just how they did it. Don't you... like already know all this stuff?"

The Doctor shot Jack a look. "I don't just know everything. All my amazing knowledge and capabilities come from years and years of hard work. You should be even more impressed."

The Doctor looked inside the sled...type...object.

"Doesn't seem like it's too difficult. Rather, mostly moving the sleddriver's bodies in rhythm. I think you're good at that, aren't you?" Cue a smirk from the Doctor to Jack.

The smirk was well received and returned by a rueful Jack, "Oh I'm sure you'd find my ability to keep my body in rhythm pretty high up there, which of course like your vast knowledge? Learned from years and years of extensive hard work and research."

Jack rubbed his hands together actually sort of amused at the sound the gloves made, as he grinned at the Doctor, "So you steer in the front, and I've got the brakes in the rear? You know... it'll be the first time someone's actually going to trust me with putting on the brakes."

"I think I know you've got an idea of what too fast is in this," the Doctor replied with a grin, "And I'm one for speed." He plopped on the helmet, effectively (if temporarily) crushing his hair beneath it. He tossed a matching helmet to his companion.

"Right! Now, we'll steer, you'll brake...what do we do if we tip over?"

Jack caught the helmet shaking his head at how almost adorable the Doctor looked with it on, before putting his own helmet on his head, upset clearly at how this was going to affect his own hair. The remark at knowing what too fast was earned the Doctor a laugh though, which was cut short as he tried to think of what would happen if they did tip over.

"How about we... don't tip over?"

"Right, no, of course. Right." The Doctor nodded emphatically along with his words, but the likelihood of the two of them not tipping over wasn't exactly...high. Neither of them had sledded like this before, and neither of them really knew how to steer. The Doctor had been flying the TARDIS for well over 900 years, and he still couldn't steer her without tipping over once in a while.

The board seemed...well, it seemed a bit small for two men, but it would work. They could do this.

"Well it's a lovely night for a Skeleton Race, and we're here at the peak of St. Moritz right here in Switzerland where it seems William Hirigoyen is having a discussion with his coach. We're expecting better things from him this run, let's see what he can pull of this time."

"He needs a good foothold this time, if he's going to catch up to the other leaders times, it was quite an odd chance of fate that he even found his way back to the hill today considering the horrible finish from the prior runs."

"That's right, but let's see what he's going to do this time...what's this? He seems to be... yes. He's getting on the sled... with his coach?"

"Can he do that?"

Jack watched as the Doctor got settled in on the low to the ground sled and when it seemed alright Jack joined him letting his arms wrap around his waist, easing his legs alongside the Doctor's, "Seems pretty natural to me," was the only comment he made as he stuck his foot to the side and pushed off sending the sled down the track before it hit snow.

"Well it seems... he just did."

Had the Doctor not been helmeted and geared up for the ride down, he would've given Jack a look that said just how unimpressed with Jack's comment he was. Because, with Jack, it was never just a comment.

As it was, the sled started moving, which meant he had to keep an eye on the snow track in front of them. It was surprisingly easy to navigate with the----wait, where were the steering or navigating controls? Right, they had to use their bodies and maneuver. The Doctor took in a few breaths, and shifted his body weight, and the sled went in that direction. So far, so good.

"Well it's a first I tell ya' Martin, it's a two man skeleton team... and I think the man in front is actually... yes it seems he's smiling."

"Quite a bit actually, I'm not even sure this will count for times... but it's certainly been something for the record books."

Jack felt the Doctor's hips and upper body shift to the right and so he too shifted along side him, trying to keep his head from jostling around too much. It really was pretty exhilarating especially considering the speed they were building up. He just had to hope that they didn't do too well... or go too fast. The Doctor had already warned him about messing with the timeline and all the laws they were breaking, but it was the chance of a lifetime.

"How much further?" shouted Jack over the howl of the wind and snow up toward the Doctor hoping he could hear him.

"What was that? Think we should go faster?" The Doctor called. He could only just hear Jack. Had to be what he said. What else would he say? The Doctor pushed faster down the slope. Where were they going? He had no idea. Wherever they were going, they were going...fast.

Well, this was probably a typical Saturday night for Jack at least. And the Doctor, in a rickety mode of transport? Not that different either.

Wait, no. Maybe he was saying they needed to 'turn here'. So he did, turning the skeleton off the track.

Jack shouted in reply to whatever the Doctor had shouted, "WHAT?? TEQUILA PASSES?" Then The Doctor's body shifted suddenly and Jack tried to move in response as quickly as he could, but he was still trying to sort out just what the hell he wanted to do with Tequila.

"I think... why yes I've seen it all. It seems they've just turned off the marked track and have vanished down the slope... Martin what event is over there right now?"

"Let me... check, I swear Allen I've never seen anything like this. If they even get to consider this a run I'll be shocked... no I'll retire. It's been twelve years without a Winter Games, and now I'm staking my- It's the Ski Jumping over on that slope Allen. Good luck and Godspeed to them. Meanwhile let's check in with Gottfried Kägi who seems to have been having a bit of trouble as well..."

Jack was pretty sure they'd turned off track, and wasn't sure just how to even get the situation back under control, especially considering the speed they were picking up now that they were going down what seemed like a lighter packing of snow. Just then someone sailed over head on skis and Jack ducked out of instinct, "DOCTOR! WE ARE ON THE WRONG COURSE!!" Please let him hear that... Jack thought to himself as he started to pray that he really wasn't going to be adding impaled by ski to his list of ways he'd died.

Was he telling them they were going to be fourth? Well, that was impressive, the Doctor was quite sure at the rate they were going they'd be last place by what was that??? Someone on skis! Leaping over them!


This was bad. This was very, very, very bad. First winding up in the Olympics, now this? And was that...a jump ahead?

What? Jack was almost sure he heard the Doctor that time, but once more it didn't make any sense at all, "NO I DO NOT THINK I'LL LOSE THE FEAR BY THE FOURTH COURSE! THERE ARE NO COURSES!! WE ARE GONNA DIE DOCTOR!!" Jack shook his head he knew that sentence was far too long for the Doctor to hear any of it and he was pretty much ready to give up as another shock came quickly.

The sled itself dipped forward slamming the front of the sled down rather hard as they picked up even more speed, the Doctor seemed to be leaning forward and Jack was pretty sure that wasn't the right way at all, but then the sled surged uphill for a moment and it seemed they were sailing in the air for a bit, "WHAT IS GOING ON??"

"Allen I've just received word that our friends the French Skeleton team have been sighted going off of the downhill ski jump. They don't seem to be showing any signs of stopping today."

"No Martin, it certainly seems there is no French Resistance today."

They caught air! This was brilliant! Despite everything, especially the fact that they were most likely exceptionally close to death, the Doctor found himself laughing.


And he dipped forward, increasing their speed so that the jump was rather impressive. Several spectators screamed. They zipped past a skier who looked rather shocked.

When they finally landed it was pretty jarring on Jack's rear, and his back would surely be feeling this in the morning. Then the Doctor shouted again... Jack really wished he could hear the Doctor better than this, because now he was certain the Doctor was trying to order His fill of Christmas time?? at least he made out his own name... either that or the Doctor was adding to his prior order of alcohol with Jack.

Of course Jack wasn't even given enough time to consider that when another hill came up and they dipped down again, a small series of yellow and red flags zipping by his head... were those... trail markers? Then a skier... and some people watching... now where the hell had they ended up?

"Sorry to interrupt your coverage of the speed skating drills folks, but it seems the team that wouldn't stop has crossed into the cross-country skiing lanes. We're just letting our fans know that should you see this team coming toward you, please for the love of your own safety and life... get out of the way."

Jack wasn't sure when they were going to stop, and even if they did he really didn't want to know how hard they were going to have to hit, "SHOULD I BRAKE??" Jack asked as if he had just thought of that idea now. Why he was asking though he had no clue, but the Doctor was in front and he could see what was up ahead, and surely... "ARE YOU LAUGHING???"

What was Jack asking? Cake?


Which was pretty much spoiling the whole thing for anyone who lived to the year 2007 around here. All the same, they didn't appear to be stopping, in fact they just kept moving faster and faster, which was probably not a good thing. Not that the jumping wasn't exhilarating! It was!


The snow was sailing up against the sides of Jack's legs to the point that he wasn't even sure he could feel his thighs anymore, but then the Doctor was talking something about the two of them either actually going to DIE or that the two of them should find someplace to LIE... which... well all things considered if the Doctor wanted to do the latter anytime soon they were in Switzerland... it was pretty.. neutral all things considered.

Then there was more shouting and Jack furrowed his brow trying to hear him, but a branch sailed past his ear the numbing cold and the jarring sound of pine needles and branches thwacking against the helmet cause a bit of a ringing in his ear, and if the Doctor was asking about fabric softener it wouldn't shock him at all. Jack laughed, "NO IT'S NOT DOWNY.. ITS BOUNCE!"

Which of course then the sled did... bounce that is as it seemed to jut over a rock or something, which Jack really felt... a bit too close to something he didn't want harmed during this outing. Getting a bit of feeling to his leg he shifted it to hold tighter to the Doctor as his hand let go and reached for the small brake that was at the end of the sled. It was odd... almost as if a foot was supposed to press it down, not a hand at all. Dismissing the thought Jack pressed as hard as he could on the brake, which sent them into a tailspin of sorts spinning 360 degrees a few times as Jack tried to get his other hand to press to the other side of the brake on the end. Finally he jammed the heel of his hand into the brake and the spinning stopped suddenly, as did the sled causing Jack to nearly hit his head on the Doctor's back.

"Everyone alright?"

The Doctor was still laughing.

"That was great!" he said, bouncing to his feet. His legs promptly gave way, and he fell back onto Jack. "We should do that again! Yes? Yes! Once I can feel my legs and we can figure out where...where is the start of that hill?"

Jack could finally hear that yes, the Doctor was laughing... and laughing a lot. Then he was bounding up to his feet which Jack knew wasn't going to work at all, which of course resulted in the Doctor falling right atop him. Jack tugged the helmet off his head, the immediate shock of cold to the top of his head felt against the nearly sweaty head he got during the thrill of a ride they'd just had.

"Again? Doctor... we've managed to cross through I don't know how many courses... I can't feel my legs, though I do know that I can feel that you're atop me, and I'm pretty sure..." Jack looked around finally now that his vision had stopped the slight blur when he tried to focus, "Yep. I have no clue where we even landed. I mean, this is not right at all, and I'm not dragging this damn thing all the way back either."

"Oh, that's all right, we can just leave it here. Think I'm a bit too cold to do that again right away anyway." The Doctor pulled his own helmet off his head, displaying a very impressive amount of helmet hair. He grinned again, and the skin of his cheeks hurt from the icy wind but he couldn't stop after that fun ride.

"Right. So! Lost completely. Middle of some strange course. Got to be a cocoa stand around here somewhere, though, don't you think? I think so."

Jack leaned back, still not really concerned too much with him having a lap full of Doctor, just watching him grin and glance about, then there was the hair. Which once Jack tugged his glove off he couldn't help but run his fingers through trying to get it back to it's normal sticking-up self. Sighing Jack glanced around again, "I doubt we're anywhere near anything actually. Let alone the TARDIS, or a stand of any sort to get us warm again, I will tell you though that you are warming my legs up a bit there Doctor," and there's the slightly cold cheeked grin of Captain Jack Harkness.

"What? Oh! I am." The Doctor shifted so he wasn't quite squishing Jack's legs as much. His hair felt more than a little freer, and much stickier-upier, thanks to Jack. He did prefer it that way.

The Doctor looked around the snow. After a little stretching, he offered a hand to his companion.

"Well, it's another adventure. Ready, Jack?"

With the weight off his legs now he could actually feel the cold once more, and was looking forward to some mobility to help him get the blood flow back in all the parts that required it, so he took the Doctor's hand and grinned as he was given a bit of help back up to his feet.

"Always, but I get to steer next time," Jack teased.
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