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Hey, guys. Sorry for the long delays in replying to RPs and your lovely comments to my ficlets and prompts. I'll make sure to catch up as soon as I can. I know some of you have been waiting for a very, very long time and for that I apologize.

If the thread's taking too long for your liking and you'd like to a) drop it all together (perhaps handwaving the rest) or b) start something new, please let me know here. I promise I won't be insulted It is NEVER my intention to be rude in regards to a thread or post, but this time of year makes it really difficult to get any free time in and my brain is eighty-five different kinds of scattered. Please remember I'm a retail manager at Christmas. I'm pushing crazy at the moment.

Now, today is my only (theoretical) day off this week, but it is also my anniversary. Unlike my pup, I actually remember these things and do something with them, so I'm probably not going to be around much in the evening. I will be around in about two hours after I get back from work (hence the "theoretical" of my day off). I should be caught up on most of my communities for prompts, so I'll be fairly clear for a good couple of hours! YAY! Scheduling RP time! *hates on work life right now*

A few quick questions/commentary before I head out.

Aislinn: Would you like to end our current thread and start them up the next morning/day?
Cody-Jean/Alexa: Would you still like to do a traveling thread?
banished_dame: Don't forget the underwater thread!
Kristi: I put that post up in PF for us.
And notquiteadoctor, ambitious_woman, onlysayinghello, antigone_grace, lost_la_femme, and roseoflegend: I'll tag you ASAP. If we have a thread going and you do not see yourself on this list: I've lost our thread or it's been scrapped to the highway of MJ's crazy retail Christmas brain unintentionally. Prod me in that direction! Again, it is NEVER my intention to abandon anyone or be rude. Just let me know.

That said, I'm off for a few hours. See you all soon.

Oh, also? Those S4 casting...well, they're not rumors anymore so, uh, spoilers? Opinions? Comments?
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