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for realmof_themuse: 1.83. Mun Prompt

Just for fun, create an NPC for your muse, someone who would interact with your muse in a way that no one else does. What would they be like, and what would their connection be to your muse? How do you think they would interact with the other muses in your character’s world?

So, the girl was a bit mad. It was all right, really. Not a bad girl. Pretty, probably. Rather doll-like features and waist-length ginger hair that seemed to be consistently curled and primped no matter the situation. Good mind on her, too, even if she was constantly walking around like she was in a permanent dream state.

Oh, that and she kept calling herself a princess. When they were in the middle of New York, 2007. And that poofy white dress was positively atrocious, and not at all practical, especially for the bustling city life of New York. At first, the Doctor believed she might've been transported from a different universe or something, but she seemed human, and she lacked the right Void stuff to prove she'd traveled via-the-Void.

Still, the way she got all sad and teary when she told him of her plight to get back to her castle warmed his cold hearts, and he promised to help her, even if it was only to the local hospital for a bit of R&R.

Only, now it appeared she had taken to conversing with a few of the pigeons in the park rather than walking towards the hospital. Yep, completely mad. The Doctor stuffed his hands in his pockets and waited for a few moments to humor her, then stepped over to intervene.


She turned and smiled up at him with ridiculously huge doe eyes and a smile that was far too childishly large to sit well on a woman of her age. "Yes, Doctor?"

He shifted a bit on his feet. "We really should get going."

"I was just telling Mr. Gribbles and Mr. Fribbles to watch out in case Edward comes to find me." Giselle said, nodding so emphatically her ginger curls bounced. Everything the young woman did seemed to be emphatically and excitedly. The Doctor imagined he could be quite manic at times, but simply watching her made him tired.

"Are you sure you speak their language? You haven't a universal translator." The Doctor tilted his head to the side. No, she was definitely human. So what was with all the strange behavior? He'd never really understand human psychology.

"I love all the creatures of the world," Giselle explained, moving gracefully to her feet.

"So do I, but I'm not one to talk with all of them," the Doctor replied. "Though, really, I do have a companion that will soon need attending to---"

"Oh! Of course! Now, off you two go! Lots of work to do." The Doctor could've sworn the birds nodded before they fluttered off. Strange. Nah, must've been his imagination. Too much time in New York waiting for Donna to finish up her shopping spree.

"You're trying to get back to your love, isn't that right?" Giselle asked, brushing off that poofy dress.

"My companion, and yes. Told you I'd help you, but if I leave Donna to her own devices she's bound to---"

Giselle clasped her hands together and breathed a sigh of something very similar to ecstasy. "Donna! What a lovely name! Is she quite beautiful?"

The Doctor blinked. "Uh…" How to put it politely? "In her own way?"

"And she makes you completely happy?" Giselle asked, excitedly.

Another blink. "When she's not driving me positively mad, you mean?"

There could've been music in the park with how happy Giselle looked at his replies. In fact, the Doctor was fairly certain there was music. Was that music? Where was it coming from?

This was when Giselle burst into song. "How does she knoooooooow you love her? How does she knooooooooooow she's yoooooooooooours?"

The Doctor looked behind himself, then back at the fairytale-dressed woman. People were turning to look, so he certainly wasn't imagining things. Maybe he'd accidentally landed on a replica of New York in Cregracia, where people spontaneously broke into song as part of a tradition of some sorts?

No, this was certainly different, and very strange! Birds started to flitter around them, encircling them in a ring-formation. Petals fell from the sky.

Giselle continued undaunted. "How do you show her you love her? How does she know that you love her? How does she know that you really, truly love her?"

A small Jamacian band in the park bounded over and picked up a background beat to match the sudden music that played. Giselle all but squealed in absolute delight.

"It's not enough to take the one you love for granted---"

"THAT IS ENOUGH OF THAT." Donna stomped across the length of the park, and the music halted as if she'd slammed her fist on a vinyl. The birds scattered, and Giselle blinked, somewhat terrified.

"You must be the Doctor's love!" Giselle tried for glee, but Donna would have none of it.

"Doctor's what? I'm not his bloody anything! While you were off frolickin' with this little tart, do you have any idea what I've been goin' through back there? There's a dragon, sittin' on top of the department store building, and it was going to make me into bloody Fay Wray! Where've you been? What've you been doin'?" Donna's hands went to her hips, which was a bad sign. Still, better than her slapping him.

The Doctor's jaw dropped. "A dragon? Fay Wray was with an ape ---"

And cue the slap. Well, at least she was consistent with her outbursts.

"She's rather like Grumpy, isn't she?" Giselle asked in a timid voice.

"Tell me about it," the Doctor replied, rubbing his sore cheek.

"Oi!" Donna pointed at the girl. "You thought you could just take him off? Look, there's McDreamy over there, go have fun with him. Doctor, you're with me."

And Giselle was shoved aside and the Doctor was dragged by his companion away. So much for meeting new people in a new city or something. Dragon to deal with, eh? That should be a lot less difficult than an angry Donna.

As he was pulled off, he swore he could still hear Giselle's final words…

"You've got to show her you love her…"

At least Donna showed up before they broke into dance.

Muse: The Doctor (Ten)
Fandom: Doctor Who
Word Count: 1, 034
Special thanks to ambitious_woman for linking me to tons of Enchanted clips!
Tags: community: realm of the muse, featuring: donna noble, featuring: princess giselle
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