A Servant to Time and Consequence (rude_not_ginger) wrote,
A Servant to Time and Consequence

Right, so I've been chosen for this Survivor Something Or Other game and apparently I have to not get voted off or something. It's an entirely too complicated process and I'm certain I was supposed to be paying attention, but I was tying up my unruly hair with the sparkly hair twist so now it looks like I have a singular pony tail sticking out of the top of my head.

I also have to complete two challenges. Which I suppose isn't too difficult.

2. What is your luxury item and why?

Well, I originally thought to bring the TARDIS. Would be the most logical choice! Transport, shelter, and we could go out for a curry in a quick pinch if everyone gets hungry. But, as the TARDIS and all its subsequent parts aren't allowed (that makes the sonic screwdriver not applicable either!), I have instead decided to go with my outfit.

That's right. I want a blue suit, burgundy boots, red tie---all the comforts of modern clothing. On top of the ridiculously skimpy nature of the clothing we've been assigned, there is nothing less comfortable than trying to run through a jungle in those skimpy clothes. And really, how embarrassed are they trying to make us? Wander around in those tiny outfits...ratings boosters, they call them. I think the entire thing must be sponsored by that lubricant company that's provided the bottles of lube. Trying to get things to happen that most certainly should not!

4c. Race a monkey to a banana tree.

Possibly the easiest of the challenges, because so few perimeters were set up in the situation. Things that weren't taken into account were a) My deep love of bananas. b) My affinity with monkeys. And c) When failing to affiliate with the rival monkey, my knot-tying skills and the number of rocks around that weigh more than the monkey.

Now, naturally I won't leave the poor thing tied up forever. Even if he did tear my tie and try to throw dung at me. I'll let him go eventually. Won't be low tide forever, and I'm sure I can make it back to where he is on the beach before then. As it is, I've got a good few bananas left to eat before I climb out of this tree, and I'll also be subsequently providing the answer to number 3 and provide my tribes-persons with dinner. Can't have the monkey be competition for the food. He can find a pear tree or something that I won't be interested in.
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