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A Servant to Time and Consequence

for banished_dame

The hall the Eternals cooked up was fairly impressive. A strange mix of Greece, Sarasio, and a dash of Gallifrey, he thought. The ceiling was high enough that the Doctor figured that, had there been an atmosphere, it would've had it's own, the ground was slick white marble, and the room was encircled by statues and columns, topped with the Seal of Rassilon. The sight of that on a creation by the Time War Deserters was almost perverse. He looked back up and the Seals were gone. The Eternals wanted to please him.

The room was ridiculously brightly lit as well, probably because the Eternals god-complexes hadn't managed to cool down, even after centuries in the Void.

He checked his watch. :02 until Rose's arrival. He bounced from one foot to the other. The Eternals wouldn't let him change into his brown suit, so he had to meet her again in he blue. It wasn't the Doctor she knew. He hoped she wouldn't mind so much.

"Mr. Mariner will be arriving shortly." Striker told him.

"With Rose."

"The ephemeral will be brought as well."

The Doctor hated it when they used words like that. Talking down to him and his companion. He kept those thoughts from his mind, though. He didn't need them reading that. Not with what would happen after he got Rose back.
Tags: featuring: rose tyler, roleplay: complete
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