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Sheep say "meme". I say "Icon Meme!"

Comment on this post. I will choose six userpics from your profile and you will explain what they mean and why you are using them. Post your answers (and this explanation of the meme) in your own journal (if you want) so others can play along.

bandit!, sneaky
The pic is a shot from 3.03, "Gridlock", when he's running through a smog-infested area and he puts on this thing to keep himself from choking. I positively love this one for when the Doctor is doing devious things. I did a thread once where I actually had him with the scarf around his face holding up a bank. Long story, but it was a lot of fun.

smith - forearm fetish
The pic is from 3.10, "Human Nature". I do a lot of threads from the perspective of John Smith, the persona the amnesiac Doctor took when he turned himself human. I like the image because it is, literally, the only time in the entire series that you see the Tenth Doctor with his forearms exposed. I like to use this image when I have Smith doing something simple or ordinary like in the image, where he's eating a pear.

doctor/master bff rainbow!

This is the greatest icon ever. If for no other reason than how positively TERRIFIED the Master looks in it. The image is a manipulation, but I could care less. I love it. I use it frequently when I want to have Ten terrify timesignature with his happy-go-lucky-ness. It works!

smith - the hero dies in this one

The image is from 3.10, "Human Nature". Again with my adoration for writing Smith (who technically "died" at the end of 3.11), but I also use the image in reference to the Doctor when I write a prompt that is especially tragic. While I love the mania of the Tenth Doctor, I find the tragic nature underneath interesting as well, and this icon accompanying a ficlet or thread of that nature is excellent.

burn, fire

The gif is from 3.00, "The Runaway Bride". In general, I don't care for animated icons accompanying prompts or RP ficlets, but this one is so simple and effective in portraying the Doctor at his most dark, at the height of his Oncoming Storm, that I can't imagine not having it.

pissing people off

The gif is from 3.02, "The Shakespeare Code". To be perfectly frank, this icon just cracks me up. It's excellent for a silly scene, or OOC.


I think this icon is awesome! The image is from 2.02, "Tooth and Claw". It's my catch-all 'the Doctor is saying things that he shouldn't be saying' icon, and I also use it for whenever the Doctor makes this expression.

on phone tardis calling

The image is from "Blackpool", and is therefore not technically the Doctor, but I absolutely love the shot. He looks a bit darker and heavily concentrating, which is how I tend to play my Ten.

glasses working on equipment

The image is from 3.04, "Daleks in Manhattan". The episode was terrible, but the Doctor was exceptionally pretty. This shot is a great one, where he's working on the synthetic Dalek embryo thingie backstage. I like to use it when he's wearing glasses and working on things in front of him.

red, uuuugh unhappy headscratch, you're wrong

The image was taken from 3.11, "Utopia". It's not easy to find such a disgusted/unhappy expression on the Doctor, especially one that could be pointed at a friend. I use it when the Doctor is disapproving, unhappy, or discussing Jack's immortality.

doctor/master phone sex

Oh, come on, RTD. Could you make them any slashier? Ever?? Shot from 3.12, "The Sound of Drums".

grin of sex

This is the most awesome, terrifying shot of the Doctor ever. It's from 3.11, "Utopia", and was featured at the very end of a Doctor/Master "Closer" video I watched over and over a while back. I like the naughtiness of this shot. Only made better cause he's looking at Jack.
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