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First OOC Post of Doom of the Holiday Season 2007

Hey, guys. It's getting into that season, which means it's getting into the season of OOC posts of doom.

Firstly, I have not been receiving notifs. If I owe you a tag, please let me know.

Secondly, there have been some issues regarding my "responsibilities" in playing the Doctor. I figured that rather than be a jerk and call anyone out, I'd simply make a list of MJ's top Ten Most Important Things About Playing The Doctor and just leave it at that. Enjoy.

1. This is my fun hobby journal. I write because I genuinely love Doctor Who and the people I play with, read, and interact with oocly. Unfortunately, as with all hobbies, it has to come secondary to my real life. Therefore I may disappear without warning, or my posts might be slow. This is not because I'm not loving our thread, it's because I work a 50-hour workweek (even more around the holidays) and I'm probably just getting overwhelmed. GENTLE prods are okay, but please don't badger. I try to keep everything pretty organized, but if I lose threads or don't get notifs (see above), I'll let you know.

2. I love roleplaying. I play Ten in many different areas for this reason. Don't hesitate to ask me to play with you, just realize sometimes it takes a little while for me to be able to. Again, this is not because I think one thread is more important than the other or I'm not having a good time, it's just a matter of time. ambitious_woman says I should start up a queue or something like that, but I'm pretty sure she's just being facetious.

3. Oh, and don't be rude to ambitious_woman. Or anyone who is equally awesome. This journal is a drama free zone. I can easily hit "unfriend" and "b&" for anyone who tries to violate that policy. And you don't want me to unfriend you, I give out cookies to my friends!

4. Well, virtual cookies.

5. But they're really good.

6. No, you can't have the recipe.

7. I do not friend back mun journals. This is simply for my own brain-stuff-in-order-keeping methods, please don't take offense. I also do not roleplay with mun journals, though I do love mun journals replying to posts OOCly with praise or criticism.

8. That being said, please praise or criticize prompts, entries, and ficlets! I learn and grow as a writer from your words! Don't hesitate, I squee over praise and don't get easily offended when people think something needs improving. That being said, don’t be rude. Constructive criticism rather than "That sucked", please.

9. Also, remember that this is how I play the Doctor. I'm quite certain other people play him differently and RTD will always write him ballparks away from what I expect. I don't mind questions or criticism in how I write/play the Doctor, but if I say that I'm quite sure, then that is how I'm going to play it. Questioning a canonical issue or an action is okay. Telling me I'm wrong really just annoys me.

10. Have fun, be inspired, and remember that the Doctor is around for people to enjoy. Don’t take everything seriously, just take it for what it is: Fun!

Finally, the Doctor now has 270 friends! He feels ridiculously popular! Yay, bloated Time Lord ego!

To everyone who is not a subject of the bulk of this post (and, really, unless you've been causing a recent issue, there's a 99.76% chance it's not you), I apologize for this. Thanks for your patience. Tomorrow is a day off and I'll write lots of juicy promptages!
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