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for realmof_themuse: Mun Prompt: Muses You Don't Know

Take a look at the muse list for the community. Pick a muse that your muse does not have interaction with now (unless it’s casual meta) who would fit in each category, thinking about your muse and their basic personality, lifestyle, normal behavior and interests. Go with a first reaction. Remember, it cannot be anyone that your muse has played with in anything but the most meta of interactions.

1. A muse that your muse could conceivably date.
2. A muse that your muse could conceivably hate.
3. A muse that your muse could do business with.
4. A muse that your muse could hang out with in a bar.

Talk about the reasons why.

1. By "date", one would of course mean "take as a companion", because the Doctor doesn't really do dating. Granted, he'll make a trip out to New New York involve picnicking and possibly candlelight, but it'll never be "dating to him.

That said, his "companion" of choice would probably be ima_freakshow. Think about it! She's young, she's energetic, she's blonde, and dammit if he doesn't have to worry about her getting hurt if he isn't around. Normally the bad guy will put her on a rack and he'll have to get to her before they pull her apart, with Claire he just has to put the parts back together!

And while she's smart, she's not too smart, so he can still look exceptionally intelligent and make rude comments about how humans have such small brains.

2. Now, by "hate", one of course means "seriously dislike", because there are only a few things the Doctor hates. Bus stations (full of lost luggage and lost souls), burnt toast (yuck!), and unrequited love (tell that to Martha).

That said, he would "seriously dislike" not_the_guy. He might empathize with some ideals Lindsay has, but in the end, he still had choices and made them. And they were wrong, standing for things the Doctor doesn't believe in. And the Doctor's not one for giving second chances.

Oh, and the Doctor does hate guns, which Lindsay seems to like. They would clash over that as well.

3. "Do business with"? I assume this isn't a sexual reference, because the Doctor isn't that sort of a man (despite all the snogging he's done in recent episodes). If "do business with" it means work towards some goal? Well…

In that case he'd "do business" with the crew of X-Men. They're awesome, he thinks so at least, and they stand for what's right. Like the Doctor, it's not necessarily what's perfect or beautiful, but what's right. He could work with them.

4. No, I can't think of anything witty for "hang out in a bar".

ladieslovebill. I imagine they'd have a lot to talk about.

Muse: The Doctor (Ten)
Fandom: Doctor Who
Word Count: 464
Tags: community: realm of the muse, exercise: mun prompt
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