A Servant to Time and Consequence (rude_not_ginger) wrote,
A Servant to Time and Consequence


Things worth noting if you like reading along with this journal.

1. Sort of spawned from realmof_themuse, but mostly out of our own insanities, meet my newest OT3. The Doctor, Reinette, and Jack. Goddamn if the three of them getting intoxicated in a bar isn't hysterical.


2. relativespace: Alt!Ten is a Time Lord again and he and Louis are planning on saving Reinette.

ed.-Also, if you play (or want to play) any Doctor Who, SJA or Torchwood characters and are interested, relativespace is a fantastic, fun, and welcoming place. I play an AU version of the Doctor there that wound up trapped with Reinette at the end of 2.04, "Girl in the Fireplace", and lived with her in France for three years before arriving in the game. It's one of my favorite RPs out there. Considering what a picky bastard I can be, this is saying something!



3. Mun WILL be out of town starting tomorrow afternoon until Thursday evening very late. Regional meetings for Christmas. Damn you retail environment. Damn you to hell. I'm going to try to hop on while I'm at the hotel, but I'm afraid I can't promise anything.

And here's a random winner from ihasatardis, as I always try to include them in my BRB posts.

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