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Just a quick exercise...20 things about "My" Ten.

My Doctor…

1. Has an ever-rotating timeline. Events and people all take place simultaneously. (Which makes canon-"fixing" easier when the series starts up.)

2. Talks loudly and quickly if for no other reason than he'll probably loose track of that train of thought if he doesn't say it immediately. In his defense, it is a fairly unstable and hefty train, so the thought of it getting derailed is fairly terrifying.

3. Was a pariah and exiled from the strict world of Gallifrey, and now longs for it with rose-tinted glasses, because while he may never have loved home, no longer having one changes everything.

4. Can not have children. Children were produced through Looming machines back on Gallifrey, and with them gone, it is impossible for him to reproduce.

5. Is half-human, as his human mother and Gallifreyan father Loomed him.

6. Loomed his own child with his wife at the time. This child later had a daughter, Susan.

7. Was neglectful of his child and upon losing him, doted terribly upon his granddaughter.

8. Travels for fun rather than duty, as he believes time travel should be. There is no chore in seeing the stars, only a sense of accomplishment.

9. Remembers every companion that he's ever traveled with and lost.

10. Recognizes his default state as "alone".

11. Except for the TARDIS, of course.

12. The TARDIS and the Doctor are now, and always will be my OTP. They are bonded in ways that people can't be, and have shared more than he and any human companion ever will. It is far from a Eros kind of love, but it is a complete connectivity to one another.

13. Is oblivious, in general, to human sexuality. It's all complicated, with hormones and needs and messy fluids and such. It's better to be oblivious.

14. Which does not mean that he does not recognize it when someone is sexually attracted to him.

15. It also does not mean that he has never had sex.

16. Being well over a thousand years old, he's had sex many times. Just…spread out over the course of many years.

17. After all, when intoxicated, it's not exactly easy to say no to a very insistent Benny. He also "danced" with Madame de Pompadour as opposed to simply dancing with her. And while he never talks about it, he was married in his youth, and he's met many men and women on many planets that he's shared an attraction with.

18. He didn't, however, make any sort of sexual move on Rose. He can't decide if he regrets this, or if he's glad he didn't spoil what they had with things he doesn't really understand.

19. Has known for a long, long time about how Martha feels about him. And Jack, too. Their feelings are not entirely unrequited, and while it seems like he doesn't notice they exist, he does.

20. He just knows that if he takes that extra step forward, he'll be even more heartbroken when the time has come for his default state to return.
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