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roleplay for antigone_grace

There's always something...calming, in rewiring the penultimate buffer panel coolants beneath the console. He'd always shed himself of his jacket, loosen his tie, and squeeze himself into the cramped duct that led to the panels, then work on the intricate rewiring until it was perfect. Replacing, renewing, regenerating. Working with small things and focusing completely on his job.

And, considering the TARDIS was basically floating dead in the water---literally, as they had apparently materialized where England was supposed to be, which was not there due to the phenomenon known as Pangea, stupid time machine---something calming and intricate was just the sort of thing the Doctor needed. Well, that and to make his ship work again required the coolants to restart and renew the buffers.

Wouldn't take that long, now that he was done. He pulled himself out of the duct and gave a look up at the viewing screen. Still vast water with the occasional unusual lifeform or dinosaur-like water creature swimming by, looking at the blue box curiously. He wouldn't tell Anne how secretly terrified he was that one of those things would attempt to eat the TARDIS. That would be even more embarassing than the situation already was.
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