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Ten places the Doctor SHOULD'VE had sex but DIDN'T and why.

1. Roxanna Castle, Florana

Sarah Jane put on the slinky black dress, did up her hair, and put on the fresh perfume she'd picked up (guaranteed to make him notice, the clerk had said; something about pheromones and inability to resist). No shoes, just red-painted toenails.

It was her birthday. He didn't remember, but she did, and she deserved a present. She had a specific one in mind. It didn't really have to mean anything (even though it would, to her), as long as they could, just once. Just so she could know what it was like. Besides, they were in Florana, in a castle, with the warm, fruit-scented air wafting through the open windows. No time was better.

She winked at herself in the mirror, and stepped into the sitting room. She walked with a deliberate sway to her hips, and let her feet pad lightly against the floor to the castle.

"Doctor---where are you?"

The Doctor was gone. The door was open, and his sonic screwdriver was left behind.

By the time she rescued him, he rescued her, and they saved the world, it was ridiculously late, her hair was mussed, her dress was torn, and her perfume was completely overrun by the smell of Gralaziii manure.

"I'm going to shower," Sarah Jane muttered.

"Didn't you say today was special for some reason?" the Doctor asked, dropping onto a chair despite the filth that covered him.

"Never mind, Doctor."

2. Grace Halloway's home, San Fransisco

"We're insane," Grace announced, moving to sit next to the Doctor on the empty floor.

"I don't doubt that," the Doctor replied, taking in a breath, "Humans, though. Honestly. Everything is mental damages or body irregularities, it can never just be the impossible."

"The universe is going to end, then?" she tilted her head to look out the window at the world outside. It was strange, but it seemed brighter, now. Just being around this crazy man, this man with blood that wasn't blood who called himself the Doctor. He had that way about him.

It had been a while for her, since someone went so far as to push her up against a tree and kiss her stupid. She felt warm and melty in the wrong sort of ways, her heart rate was still elevated, and her skin was flushed from the experience.

It was going to be a while until the ambulance arrived. And, hell, if they were both going to have a bed in psychiatric, why not take advantage of the first man to make her feel this way in a long, long while. Brian wasn't nearly as handsome, and it had been too long since she'd…what was it Dave in gynecology had said about sexual desire? If you didn't take advantage once in a while, well, that would mean she might lose the ability.

She tucked a lock of red hair behind her ear and turned, letting out a shaky, nervous breath.

"If you thought you only had one chance, do you think you might…"

Where did he go?


"Grace!" He hopped down from the top loft, "I've lost twenty pounds."

She blinked.

"You all right, Grace?"

The doorbell rang. Ambulance was there.

Right. Crazy. "Never mind."

3. Just outside of the Eiffel Tower, Paris

They ran back towards the TARDIS, hand-in-hand, breathing in the warm Parisian air, still on a high from saving the world. Again. All the same. Wonderful! Exhilarating!

Romana led the way, stopping in front of the TARDIS and leaning up against the door, a devilish smile twitching her lips. She placed one hand on either side of the TARDIS, effectively blocking his path with her body. She raised a leg up, placing her foot against the door, her skirt riding up and showing off a rather wide expanse of long leg.

It was a pose she'd seen in a "pin up girl" postcard back at the gift shop. And there were things that she knew about sex and things she didn't---and the things she didn't know, she wanted to learn at some point, and who better to teach her? And of all the times for them to, now was ideal. Spring, time of mating, and they were happy…

"Now, you're giving me the human experience, Doctor---" She blinked up at him through her eyelashes, only to find he was not there.


And there he was, on the other end of the street, arguing with a street vendor over ice cream prices. Romana lowered her legs and crossed her arms, waiting. Five minutes. Ten. Eventually, she simply gave up and went inside.

"Romana! I got you ice cream!" He bounded inside much later, with melted ice cream dripping down his jacket sleeve.


He grinned his wide smile, "So! What was it you were saying you wanted me to show you?"

"Never. Mind."

4. Near the Globe Theater, London

Ice seemed to just radiate from the other side of the bed.


"Never. Mind. Doctor."


5. Outside Cardinal Richel's house, Brisbane

Tegan left the grand house in an absolute huff. She had never been so ridiculously angry with the Doctor just short of ever. Stay in Brisbane? She didn't even want to come here! She wanted to go visit Shakespeare! But no. No, he had to want to make her stay. He was so ridiculously stubborn and argumentative!

Although she'd never admit it, she loved it. She loved the fighting, the intense buzz she got from sparring with him would last all day.

It was about time she found out if he felt the same way. She told the Doctor she was done unless he wanted to talk, and she walked off, waiting for him to follow. And, well, Nyssa and Adric wouldn't follow them out here if they thought they were fighting.

He followed her outside, hands in his pockets, his face red with the exertion from arguing. He was holding more of his insanely short temper in, and that made the buzz that much stronger. Tegan looked at the wall behind him, and then spun around, crossing her arms with annoyance. He'd take another two steps forward. She would take him; shove him up against the wall, and see if he really was as innocent as he let off he was (she had a feeling he wasn't).

"Right, Doctor," she spun around to begin her attack. But he was gone. "Doctor?"

Something on the wall, he said, later. Good thing she'd looked in that direction, otherwise he might not have noticed it, too. He took a sample, made a mad dash back to the lab in the TARDIS. Residue from a crashed Sontaran battle cruiser. Saved the world and all that.

"What was it you wanted to talk about?" He inquired, setting the TARDIS for Shakespeare without argument.

"Never. Bloody. Mind."

6. Freaky Frog's Hotel, Los Angeles

Yes, he was a jerk. Yes, he didn't know how to care about anyone but himself. Still. He was the Doctor, and Peri couldn't help but care about him. And there they were, in the city of Angels, and she'd be damned if she didn't make the most of the situation in some way, shape, or form.

It was far from the city of romance, but Peri and the Doctor weren't exactly romantic people. She would take the opportunity to turn some of this tension into old fashioned…well, she had a few plans, involving arguing and pushing and shoving and…other things.

Besides, she wasn't stupid. She knew she was sexy. She wore three-piece outfits, people looked. People whistled. The Doctor would usually say something, too. Of course, it was usually, "Are you sure that's entirely appropriate, Peri?"

Now, she'd shaved her legs and slipped into her sexy red bikini topped with a pair of ripped jeans. It was February. He'd snap at her stupid outfit choice, and the argument would escalate from there. Of course, though…

He wasn't there. No Doctor. Nowhere. A note on the fridge said, "Saving the universe, you're rubbish at it." Jerk. Jerk jerk jerk.

She tossed on a jacket and went out to find him. Which resulted in her getting captured, and him having to rush to her rescue. Jerk!

"If I've told you once, I've told you a thousand times, you're terrible at world-saving, Peri!"

"Never mind!"

"What? What? I didn't say anything."

"Never mind!"

7. Jackie and Rose Tyler's House, London

"I'm in my bathrobe."

"Yes, you are."

"And there's a strange man in my bedroom."

"Yes, there is."

"Well, anything could happen."


Jackie snorted. "Never mind then, you wanker."

8. Mexico

Cameca found the man to be exceptionally handsome, despite his age. He made them both cocoa, a sure proof of his adoration for her. Adoration returned could only mean sensuality and beauty in the marriage bed.

She massaged oil into her palms and rubbed sweetflower petals into her skin to make it sweet and taste good. She laced leaves into her hair and awaited his return. He would return, of course. She had prayed for his return and the Gods would not deny her. She would please him. They had time.

But where was he?

Not here, of course. He had things on his mind, his companions to tend for. She would wait, of course. Night came. She continued to wait.

The leaves wilted. The sweetflower scent was overpowered with that of sweat from the heat of the day and sleep from nights of waiting.

"You knew when you showed him to the temple that he would not return."

"I had imagined that he might." She shook her head, "No. It is better this way."


She shook her head. "Never should you mind."

9. Cardiff, Wales

Jack poured the Doctor another shot. His office was empty, the Torchwood crew was gone for the night, and the good captain and Time Lord were indulging in liver damage to make up for their miserable-ness.

"And she just walked out, just like that?"

"Then the Titanic crashed into the TARDIS!"

Jack shook his head, "Rough, Doc. Really rough."

He swallowed his own shot of whiskey, letting the alcohol burn down his throat. The Doctor was fairly far gone, but Jack didn't want to be that way. After all, there had been too many times he'd let the Time Lord slip from his well-manicured grasp.

He scooted himself a little closer to the other man. Cheeky regeneration, and cute, too. Ruffled hair and a miserable look to his face that he'd just like to kiss away. Had the smooth-faced look of a bottom, but with the toughness that Jack was fairly certain he'd top, too. But that, that was going a bit too far, too fast. And the Torchwood crew were going to be gone all week. He had time. And…

It was more than that.

"You know, Doc, there's this…this thing I've never told you." Jack took a breath, and looked down into his glass.

"I'd do anything for you. Anything. Die for you, go through hell for you. Done it before, and I'd do it again. You've made an honest man out of me. Changed me from being a coward, and I wouldn't change that. Not for the world. Not for the entire universe." Another breath. "Doctor, I love---"

He looked up, to find the other man snoring quietly, cheek against the desk.

Jack sighed, and cupped the other man's cheek. "Never mind, Doc. Go ahead and sleep."

10. Versailles, France

The Doctor looked nervously around at the people watching them waltz around the ballroom. Reinette leaned against him, her hand in his, her eyes shining up at him.

"We're…dancing," he said, stumbling over his feet a little.

"We are, my angel." Her voice was a demure purr, and he spun her out, and back in.

He looked around, very like a deer in headlights.

"Is there something wrong, Doctor?"

He opened his mouth and shut it. "Never mind."

Muse: The Doctor (Ten)
Fandom: Doctor Who
Word Count: 2,031
Tags: community: the ten spot, featuring: cameca, featuring: captain jack harkness, featuring: jackie tyler, featuring: madame de pompadour, featuring: martha jones, featuring: perpugilliam "peri" brown, featuring: romanadvoratrelundar, featuring: sarah jane smith, featuring: tegan jovanka
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