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1. How long can you hold your breath?

You know, to be completely honest, I'm not sure. I've thought about actually going through and testing it, doing the numbers and adding it up and rounding and all that, but really? Why waste the effort and the time, and what kind of look would Martha give me if she saw me timing myself holding my breath?

No, no. I've decided to do this the human way. I googled it! "How long can the Doctor hold his breath" and I think I'm feeling lucky…


May 2 - When humans enter water they can automatically hold their breath longer than they can on land.
That's because the body immediately goes into "oxygen saving mode" by slowing the heart rate and shunting blood to the body's core.
Known as the mammalian diving reflex, this trick of human physiology (and of whales, dolphins and seals) will benefit magician David Blaine, who is living underwater in an 8-foot acrylic sphere in front of New York's Lincoln Center all this week.
During the last few minutes of his stay, Blaine will remove his breathing tube and attempt to break the current record for breathing underwater, which is 8 minutes, 58 seconds.
To get ready for this feat, he has been working with the staff of Performance Freediving. The staff has helped him improve his physical and mental conditioning, said lead trainer Kirk Krack, who will remain near Blaine all week.

2. How long do you wait to cut your hair?

This answer is actually quite simple: Until my companion tells me I really should get a haircut.

I have a fantastic barber---sorry, stylist on Cartorax 8, met him while I was in my fifth incarnation. Not too modern, not too old-fashioned, entirely manageable and unique to every incarnation.

3. How long do you normally wait at the grocery?

Well, it depends which grocery I'm at, doesn't it? I've been known to wait up to eight days, but that was during Christmas rush at the department store planets, so I suppose I can understand the wait. For groceries? That just seems silly. I can always hop to a period a few hours later when there aren't any lines. Should remember to put the milk back in the grocery fridge before I do that, though. Nasty, otherwise.

4. How long can you sing a song without getting the lyrics wrong?

I never get the lyrics wrong!

5. How long is the best relationship you've been in?

The best relationship I've ever been in has been with my tailor. He never seems to complain when I come in, suits holed up with something or other strange, a new body sometimes. No, he's always quite calm and relaxed, even helps me pick out ties. By "helps me pick out ties" I mean he plucks the particularly interesting ties out of my hands and tells me "no" in a gruff sort of tone and tells me if I'm not planning on purchasing anything then I should probably leave.

It's entirely possible he doesn't like me much.

All the same! My clothes have yet to fail me, and I've known him....oooooh, seven hundred years now? Something along those lines.

Muse: The Doctor (Ten)
Fandom: Doctor Who
Word Count: 593
Tags: community: the friday five
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