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The Ten Things That Annoy Me Most About Reinette

1. Her use of corsetry. Do you have any idea what corsetry does to internal organs? Here, I can list them for you:

• Glénard's disease is the most common illness caused by prolonged corset use. It is characterized by lack of abdominal muscle tone and visceral displacement.

• Wearing tight-laced corsets over a long period of time may cause the lower ribs to become deformed and pushed inwards. This can lead to organ failure, dehydration, or broken ribs.

• Improper corset use may deform the stomach and liver.

• A women who wore a corset could not sit down straight, fainted easily, had heart ailments and digestion problems, and died in childbirth and of organ failure.

• Just look at the pictures! Organs and bones are moved out of the way so that there's nothing in the middle! It's terrible!

2. She is far too proud for her own good. She won't see reason, won't see that her ideas are wrong. Further proof? Why she won't stop doing #1.

3. She spends ridiculous amounts of time getting ready to go anywhere. She does #1, despite protests, then has to put hair up, powder face, get dress prepared, etc. Oh, and the Sisters forbid I want to just take a jaunt out for some frozen yogurt, no, she's just got to look perfect! It's ridiculous! And then, should the idea of simply dropping into bed for sleep ever happen? It takes a ridiculous amount of time for her to get ready for bed. Got to wash off the powders, undo the #1, and then undress. I generally wear one or two outfits, and roll out of bed into an adventure, only to collapse to sleep when I'm finally tired. I do not understand the woman!

4. She is so contrary! There is no reason why she shouldn't admit that I am always right! I am! Why is this so hard for her to believe?!

5. Everything is not perception. Sometimes, one should be able to simply run around and have a good time just being themselves. Every single day it's a worry about how she looks, and what others will think. For a woman who is as controversial and hard-headed as she is (see: 2 and 4) you would think she could believe that not wearing #1 and not fretting so much with #3 is all right, but no! it has to be how others might see her! Ridiculous!

6. This is perhaps a continuation of #4, but when a Doctor (that's me) says that she is not well, then she should go to bed. Staying up until all hours doing courtly things or what have you is not going to bed. Why doesn't she get better? Because she never listens! When you're ill, you sleep, you get better. When you're ill and you don't take care, then you stay ill and get worse! She only rests when she absolutely can not get up! That is stubbornness to a ridiculous degree!

7. She relies too much on divination, rather than what she might desire. The woman is smart. She could become…anything, but she chose mistress to the King because that is what she was told she would do. I can't help but wonder if my presence in her life had some influence over that.

8. She is far....too...blonde!

9. Right, so this list is too simple. The frustrations I have are complex! Right, so there's duty and propriety, which I abhor. She seems to relish in them. Duty to the King and country. I ran away from all that for a reason! Because it's stupid! No country should hold over you what you want most in life, and no duty should keep you from going where you want to go!

10. Did I mention corsets? That I'm always right? Blonde? I did? Oh, then this list is fairly complete.

Muse: The Doctor (Ten)
Fandom: Doctor Who
Word Count: 660
Based on RP with ambitious_woman
Tags: community: psych 30, featuring: madame de pompadour, setting: relative space universe
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