A Servant to Time and Consequence (rude_not_ginger) wrote,
A Servant to Time and Consequence

for thetenspot: Ten Things You Tell Everyone

1. "Still not clear to you is it? I can tell by your expression you don't understand. And I knew you wouldn't, nevermind."

2. "There are some corners of the universe that have bred the most terrible things. Things that act against everything we believe in. They must be fought."

3. "I've reversed the polarity of the neutron flow."

4. "Would you like a jelly baby? They're very good."

5. "There should've been another way."

6. "Daleks, Sontarans, Cybermen! They're still in the nursery in comparison to us. Ten thousand years of absolute power! That's what it takes to be really corrupt!"

7. "We all have the universe of our own terrors to face."

8. "Come with me."

9. "I think you need a Doctor."

10. "I'm not just a Time Lord. I'm the last of the Time Lords."

Muse: The Doctor (Ten)
Fandom: Doctor Who
Word Count: 130
Quotes from: An Unearthly Child, the Moonbase, various 3rd Doctor episodes, various 4th Doctor episodes, Warriors of the Deep, the Ultimate Foe, Ghost Light, the TVM, Parting of the Ways, and Gridlock.
Tags: community: the ten spot
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