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RP for timesignature: Cue the song "I Hate Everything About You" (Or possibly "Closer")

No, the Doctor didn't hate the Master.

Not really...well, not too terribly...well, not so very much...well, he'd spent a year being tortured by the man, he deserved to dislike him at least a bit!

Keeping him a prisoner in the TARDIS wasn't easy. He continually fought with the other Time Lord, and argued with him, and felt pity for him. He could swear, sometimes, he even heard the drums that the Master kept talking about.

They weren't real. He just had to remind himself of that. If he thought he heard them, it was pity for the Master's deranged mind.

He pressed the button on the speaker that pumped his voice into the Master's room.

"Master, you awake? We're going on a bit of a holiday on a local moon base. Thought you might want a bit of time to stretch your legs."
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