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Hey, guys. Time for another beautiful OOC update from your friendly mun behind the Doctor.

Couple of things I've gotta address, fortunately not very many of them'll take that long.

In regards to owed prompts/memes:

-Don't worry, the five things meme is not over yet. You know I can't do anything nice and easy, so I'll take a bit of time to make sure everything is hard and rough. *headscratch* That sounded kinda dirty. Anyway, I'll make a post when they're all complete with links to the post!

-As for the anonymous meme...it was a ton of fun, but I'm afraid I give up on everyone I couldn't get. The Doctor would never admit defeat, but I will. Plz do tell me who you were, I really do want to know!

-Posts that have been polls about prompts have not been ignored! They're just being worked on! You'll see them soon!

-If I owe you a plot, or you've been politely nudging me towards plots: worry not, I'll be there sooner than you know. I apologize for the delays, work and RL have been hectic.

In regards to friending:

-Please remember I do not friend mun journals. No offense to the muns, I love knowing you read and I love your comments on my prompts, they help me write more! I don't friend back mun journals simply because I do get easily confused, and nobody wants to see me confused, do they? Well, not too terribly confused. Just an itty bit confused. I also do not reply to mun journals IC.

For the journal:

-In the theatrical_muse universe, I am wiping all of the Doctor's previous AU experiences with Rose, Aislinn, and Byron. I have no doubt that I will use these experiences in prompts, etc (especially cause I have a real doozy of a ficlet planned up that deals with Byron). But, because Aislinn and Byron's mun have decided to move them out of TM, I'm gonna change the Doctor's universe to keep with the times. But, cause I still love Aislinn/Doctor to pieces (and you know you do too, don't deny it), we'll keep playing them in a one-on-one basis in two_old_souls (Graphics folk: It's in need of a header, any takers?). The current universe of the Doctor in TM is post LOTTL, and the Doctor is traveling alone and occasionally kidnapping picking up and bothering soundofmurder, and that whole gang of Heroes peeps. Among other TM folk, of course.

-In the realmof_themuse 'verse, I am also wiping the Doctor's slate clean. All of the wonderful and amazing work done with decadentmind and ninewho is archived in nottheend (or archived in journals and linked from there), and believe me I'll link you to rad stuff whenever I feel like talking about it. That universe's history will be used in prompts and will be clearly labeled as such. The current universe for the Doctor in ROTM is post LOTTL, with an AU split off of "What if</i> Lucy never shot Saxon?" The continuing adventures of the Doctor and timesignature in which they travel the universe and avoid being slashy at all costs.

NOTE: DO NOT ASK ME WHY OTHER MUNS HAVE LEFT/DO NOT PLAY ANYMORE. IT IS NONE OF MY BUSINESS AND THEREFORE NONE OF YOURS. I wish every mun and muse I play with the absolute best, and if playing a pup becomes too stressful, RL becomes too hectic, or they simply find other shiny things to play with, that is their choice. If you wanna talk RP, talk about me. I'm amazing, haven't you heard? I could talk about me for ages.

Okay! That's all!

Carry on!

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