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for thetenspot: Ten Quotes About You

Doctor Who? The Mysterious Dr. John Smith of United Nations Intelligence Taskforce
By Riseeta Skitra

He's infamous in many ways---and yet it is undeniable that the world wouldn't be without him. Previous Prime Minister Harriet Jones once called out for this man, this Doctor to arrive and save the world from the alien ship that blanketed the skies two Christmases ago.

The question is, who is this man? I brought together some of his most loyal supporters and most vocal of critics to get the voice of who he is, the man behind the Doctor.

Rose Tyler
"The Doctor has the power to change a person. It only takes a second, then you wonder what you were doing with your life before you met him."

Mr. Gabriel
"Good guy. Weird taste in planets. Weird taste in leis too, for that matter, but still fun to be around. And I like his tardy."

First Lady Lucy Saxon
"The man known as the Doctor is a public menace and a threat to society. Any sightings should be reported directly to the police."

John Smith II (Not to be confused with whom this is about)
"He's positively amazing. Not as much as me, obviously, but that's not the point. Brains and strength and courage. And good looks. Best best mate I ever had."

Captain Jack Harkness, Torchwood
"The Doctor's everything you love and hate about aliens, about other people, about life. He's harsh but makes you stronger. You rarely know what he's thinking, but when you find out, it's always surprising. He's loving but keeps you at a distance. He licks everything and doesn't catch anything; it's amazing. The Doctor keeps you alive by making you live and making you want to live."

Jeanne-Antoinette Poisson
"More than angel or nightmare, he is pliable steel. He slips into the cracks of one's life, ones you might not even know are there. And yet you are not weakened by his presence. Rather you are sheltered and strengthened. Protected. Challenged."

Dr. Jane Smith
"The tall, skinny excitable chap with the hair and the red converse? Never heard of him in my life."

Anne Wilson
"He's fickle, hardworking- which is evidenced by his really nice hands... he has fantastic hands, you know. He spends most of his day under that grate next to the console. When he's not running from dinosaurs, Eternals or whatever mess he's gotten himself into... but he DOES have nice hands."

Gabriel Grey
"To say he's different because he's genetically different downplays the truth. Just like saying he's rude, or cruel, or wrong in what he does downplays the enormity of everything he copes with. Seriously, you try looking at the monsters he does day in and day out and tell me what your mind would be like afterwards. Course, that doesn't mean the bastard has a right to kidnap people!"

Dr. Martha Jones
"He's a force for good and he cares about people's lives -- an' he puts himself on the line over and over again, because he won't just turn away in the face of injustice. He's saved the world more times than I can reckon, and no one ever knows -- he wouldn't know what to do with himself if people did really know. Oh, he'd bluster and strut, but he'd shy away from the real-- He's my friend and he made me a better person. Is there anything
better you could say about someone?"

Muse: The Doctor (Ten)
Fandom: Doctor Who
Word Count: 550

Special thanks to all the muses and muns who assisted in giving me quotes! You all rock!
Tags: community: the ten spot, featuring: captain jack harkness, featuring: gabriel, featuring: gabriel gray/sylar, featuring: lucy saxon, featuring: martha jones, featuring: rose tyler, featuring: the (female) eleventh doctor, featuring: the (other) tenth doctor
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