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for theatrical_muse: Where do you see yourself in twenty years?

Twenty years from now.

Well, that's a rather subjective question, isn't it? Time, after all, isn't linear like everyone says. It's more like a big ball of timey-wimey, wibbly-wobbly…stuff.

Let me explain. You take this string, right? This string is time if it was linear. Now, time is fluid, like this string, so you can easily crush it up into a ball. This way, all the points in time touch other points through time.

Nothing just happens. And there's no way you can predict it.

Me, I can predict. On occasion. But it's less prediction and more knowledge. I'm here. Right here, on this string. But at the same time I'm touching here and here and here and here and here and here. So I have knowledge of all of those times at the same time, so I can say what I know and it's knowing rather than predicting.

Maybe that doesn't make sense. Let me try again.

The question is about twenty years, right? Let's say I hop in my TARDIS and travel forward twenty years. Right, so then I've existed twenty years from now. You may say, "Oh, but it's only been a few minutes for you." Same idea. Ball, string, wibbly-wobbly, oatmeal.

No, wait, I haven't gotten to the oatmeal part.

So! Oatmeal! Let's say you're baking a cookie. An oatmeal cookie with raisins and some brown sugar sprinklings, I think. Time, that's the cookie. All the ingredients---your sugar, your milk, your oatmeal and raisins---that's what happens throughout time. Now, if you don't put the ingredients in the right way, or bake the cookie properly, then it'll come out wrong, right? Wrong…right. No! It won't! But let's just say that you have this cookie---

Doctor, right, I get it. I'm sorry I picked up the self-help book. Can we go now?

But, I haven't finished my cookie example.

You really think I was following you?

No, I suppose not. Now you've gone and done it, I'm hungry. Let's go to the bake-off in 1954 in Surrey. Sound like fun?

The best.

Muse: The Doctor (Ten)
Fandom: Doctor Who
Word Count: 346
Tags: community: theatrical muse
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