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for greetingsfrom: 4: Chill

Dear Martha,

First stop since you've left. Ice lakes of Sangreia. I promised to take you here, didn't I?

It surprises me, every time I come here, how noone lives on this planet. Nothing to suck out and mine, or make into money. Just a beautiful planet out in the depths of the darkness.

It's a brilliant place, Martha. Beautiful. Slick, cold waves that ride over every inch of the entire world. The water is permeated with shards of Torofine, which is a bit like sapphire, but far less precious but far more beautiful. The sun, despite how far from the planet it is, hits the core of the planet and the whole place glows.

It glows, Martha. It's freezing, so cold it shoots right to your bones, but when the sun hits the frozen water and everything glows, you could swear it feels warm.

It's so beautiful out here. You'd love it.

Miss you,

The Doctor

Muse: The Doctor (Ten)
Fandom: Doctor Who
Word Count: 150
Tags: community: greetings from, featuring: martha jones
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