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OOC: Audience Participation FTW!

Okay. Fun times ahead.

Working on a prompt. It's fill-in-the-blank.

Want to participate? You know you do.

Let's do a mad-lib sort of thing.

Comment. Give me an adjective, noun, or a verb. Label what it is in the subject of the comment, and I'll use it in my prompt. There are LOADS of empty spaces.

There are also two "name of person" slots. So, here's trivia. You answer a question right, you get to pick a name/pup/person to put in there!

Question 1:
To whom was the Doctor canonically engaged during the original run of the show?

Question 2:
What actress from the movie Willow appeared in Doctor Who twice, once as a companion and once as a villain?


Also needed: Body parts, clothing items or accessories.
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