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for our_magic_place: 20: Mun Prompt: RP Dreams

Is there a character that you have always wanted to play, but never dared? Is there a show, movie or some fandom that you wish people would embrace and pick up pups from, because you always wanted to play in that? Is there an Original Character that has long lived inside your head, and you don't play them because you don't think anyone would get them? Is there a character you wish someone would pick up, because your muse would love to play with that pup? Talk about YOUR playing wishes and dreams.

Oh, the lure of the other fandoms.

I'm currently very swamped with writing and playing the Doctor (not to mention my Real Life ™ that likes to swoop in and give me trouble while I'm having an awesome time), so I doubt picking up anyone new will happen for a good long while. I'm also the type that can't pick up a pup on a whim. I tend to analyze it, make sure I've got the voice down and solidly, perhaps create a journal and sit on it for a few months before I actually pick 'em up. I sat on the idea of the Tenth Doctor for four months before I finally created a journal and apped him into Theatrical Muse. It can suck, because then people can snatch up good characters, or my overanalyzation can make me lose the potential voice for a good muse. But I digress.

Muses I've wanted to play…well, for a while, I've wanted to pick up the First Doctor. He's crass and he's childish and brilliant. He's very, very different from the Tenth Doctor, and he has none of the canon I indulge in leaning on nowadays, so it would be a good bit more original and novel stuff, which would probably be a lot of fun! There are a few players at relativespace and other communities that have the First Doctor's companions, so I know he wouldn't be lonely or wanting someone to talk to, also, which means his voice would get good and strong.

I've also, recently, become completely obsessed with Life on Mars, and I've been considering picking up Sam Tyler. He's faboo, and morally upright (particularly funny for me because his PB is John Simm, a favorite for those who've seen Series Three of Doctor Who), not to mention I love a good fish-out-of-water story. I thought perhaps I'd do better as DCI Gene Hunt, but I can't seem to get his voice, and he doesn't grab me like Sam does. I also think Sam would be a brilliant companion to the Tenth Doctor (especially if he was traveling with Donna). I need work on writing a Manchester accent before I even consider that, though.

Muses I'd love to see played: Characters from Wheel of Time. Solid pups from Spaced and Red Dwarf. Characters from the amazing Time Traveler's Wife. From Doctor Who? K-9. I miss having a fantastic Romana to play off of. Benny. There are lots.

I believe…uh, yep, that's all for now.

Muse: The Doctor (Ten)
Fandom: Doctor Who
Word Count: 410
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