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RP for thisway_comes: OS!Verse, to respice up the OS pups!

The last thing he remembered was falling asleep. It wasn't the good kind of falling asleep, it was the kind where he had felt pain shooting through every limb, and the poison from those plants was killing him, slowly. Painfully. He had a warning about regeneration on his lips to tell Sarah before he drifted off. What about Suzie? He'd taken her on one trip, but planned to take her on more. And Martha? Where had they all gone?

When his eyes opened, he was surrounded by black. Smooth, shiny, soft material. Silken. Silk sheets, silk bedspread. Dark and smooth and a little chilly. His eyes attempted to adjust to the room. Sleek metal bars of a four-poster bed, and black paneled walls. The furniture was all dark as well, but luxurious, and probably insanely expensive. There was even a fireplace, snuggled up in the corner of the room.

Where the hell was this room?

He moved to a seated position, his head drumming, his body feeling as though he was hungover or something. His body slid through the sheets, and he realized he, too, was clad entirely in black silk. Black silk jim jams.

Someone kidnapped him, dressed him up in black silk jim jams and put him in a matching black room.

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