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So, guys, it's happened. The Doctor's journal is, officially, one year old today.

I'm not going to do anything special or anything.



rude_not_ginger IS ONE YEAR OLD TODAY!

*cough* Ahem.

Special thanks to ambitious_woman for remembering where I did not, and for getting me a beautiful bunch of flowers! *adores*

Now that he's a year old, what should we do to celebrate? I'm thinking party, but the Doctor's terrible at hosting them. Remember that party with the disco ball in Spaced? Yeah, it'd be like that, except with more technobabble. And, after all, it's all his wonderful friends that have kept him alive in my head this year!

EDIT: ambitious_woman is hosting a party! http://ambitious-woman.livejournal.com/25629.html All universes are welcome, it's all meta goodness! =DDD

He's done so much! And so many! Broken hearts and tortured Catherines! Dated fairies and shot Angels! What will he do next?!

Suggestions? Theories? Awesome ideas? Party plans?

Video by bigbluemeany for some David Tennant voting thing but he's hot and it's his birthday. NOOOO IT ARE MY BIRTHDAY. Okay done now.
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