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for oncoming_storms: 1.8: I Just Need This One Thing From You

The monitor flickers to life. The picture is fuzzy, and goes in and out of focus.

Stupid piece of merde.

There is a blast of static, and the picture settles.

A tall, boyish man sits in front of the viewscreen. His hair is long and rather untidily shoved back into a ponytail, his sideburns are long and end at his jaw in a point. He dresses as if it were a revival of Casanova, in a loose poofy cotton shirt that should be tied but isn't, and an ascot around his neck that should also be tied but was neglected.

He takes a breath.

Hello. This is a message for Catherine Endicott. Hello, Catherine it's me. Well, a recording of me, but you get the idea.

He scratches his sideburns nervously.

Right, all right. If you're watching this, that means you've accepted what I asked of you, and you'll be helping me turn human. I don't… honestly, really know what's going to happen, so I'm creating this, this little video recorder of me as I am before the change to…well, to offer you some support in case we need to reverse the process.

He slips on a pair of wire-frame glasses.

All right, now. Let's see. I don't need much from you, Catherine, so I'm just going to tell you quickly. First of all, I need you to realize that even I'm unsure about this whole procedure. I don't think my other self has used that machine, I can't imagine why he would. Anyway, the results may not come out as planned. You need to keep an eye out for potential disasters.

My personality. I'd like to keep it, I've worked rather hard honing this sarcastic, jaded, and positively fantastic smile to perfection and I'd not like to lose it any time soon. Major personality changes need to be noted and addressed. Might just be the change, I may not realize I'm being different.

Also, don't let me hurt anyone. You know, anyone important. That is, Reinette, Rose, and my other self. Or Suzie, she's not so bad. Or my Ninth self, I owe him one. Other than that---oh, and you, too. I loathe you, but don't let me show you, hmm? Just keep an eye out on that.

I know how much Reinette values your companionship. I think she'll tell you if I've hurt her. If I have, I want you to stop me. Stop me from doing it again. I'm doing this for us, for her and I…well, mostly for me, but for the both of us. I want you to make sure I don't use it incorrectly.

The man takes a breath, removes the glasses, and rubs his eyes. They look tired, like he hasn't slept for days. He probably hasn't.

Rose hates me. No, no, I know she does, her and I have talked. Or, that is, we will talk, I've carved out some time after I talk to you to talk to her. At length. If she doesn't hate me, she will, and that's all right. Just make sure I don't hurt her. I've already done that enough.

My other self won't understand. I don't expect him to. Just…leave him be. He'll be fine. He always is.

The man's expression and demeanor shifts dramatically from the saddened, tired one of a moment before to a more serious, professional expression and tone.

Other things to note. I'll be removing my entire memory of the Time War. People can tell me about it all they like, they'll just be stirring up déjà vu. I don't want it anymore. If you want to know why, ask my other self, or Thete. That is what you call him, isn't it? Ask him to talk to one of his older selves. He'll tell you why I don't want to know. So, lack of memory on that part, don't worry about it. It's programmed.

I'm also programming myself to forget that you have the pod. The watch, that is. The pod. You know what it is. Anyway, I won't know you have it, which is good, in case I panic, or someone manages to convince me that changing was a bad idea. It is what I
want, I know it. Just…

He sighs, looks away from the screen, then back to it.

Just do me this one thing, Catherine? Even if nothing goes wrong. Even if everything works out how I want it to, and I get to live out my life with Reinette like I want…even if all that happens…

Take care of that pod. Who I was. Just…take care of it for me. Take care of who I was, for me.

He nods, then stands. He stops, then sits back down again. He speaks, and the words sound wrong coming from his mouth, and he looks uncomfortable saying them, but they're sincere.

And…thank you.

Muse: The Doctor (Ten)
Fandom: Doctor Who
Word Count: 864
Based on roleplaying in relativespace
Tags: community: oncoming storms, featuring: catherine endicott, featuring: madame de pompadour, featuring: rose tyler, setting: relative space universe
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