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for thetenspot: Ten Random Facts

1. I am not ginger.

2. This genuinely upsets me.

3. Why shouldn't I be ginger? I mean, honestly. I've been brown the last five incarnations, and before the middle one, that fifth incarnation where I was blonde, I was also brown. Brown is getting to be very, very dull!

4. My Eighth self was trying to be ginger. He had a bit of red in all that brown, just a bit? But not enough to actually push that envelope and go all the way into ginger. Very nearly? Not enough, though.

5. Had Benny as a companion when I had that bit of red. She was rather fond of me, if I remember correctly. Matter of fact, I don't remember much of that, something about too much wine the night she stopped being my companion...

6. I've also got brown eyes this time! I've never had such a dull color scheme. At least I had blue or green eyes before! They broke up the general atmosphere of the brown, but now I'm just brown, brown, brown.

7. I've also taken to wearing brown, it's become this entire ambiance I carry around with me. I have a blue suit, I'm quite fond of it, but I get more compliments when I wear the brown. Is it because it matches the hair and the eyes?

8. I'm fairly certain I'd look better ginger.

9. Bright copper hair, brown eyes, blue suit? I'd be brilliant, absolutely brilliant! And the red trainers! A whole rainbow of brilliance.

10. And freckles. Look, see? I have freckles. I should have ginger hair because of the freckles. They just go together! Honestly, Rassilon, or the Sisters, or whoever it is in charge of regenerations right now, get it right. I should be ginger. That is all.

Muse: The Doctor (Ten)
Fandom: Doctor Who
Word Count: 300
Tags: community: the ten spot
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