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OOC: Permanent Accountage!

Ten's account is now permanent! Yay! 138 icons! Whatever will I do? ...I'll figure something, I'm sure. ;)

Special thanks to those who donated gift certificates to make this even remotely possible (you all knocked it down to $30, which I could handle, when $150 was WAY out of my reach!)


Thank you guys again, so very much!

Ten's journal is permanent, which gives me great incentive to continue to write him for a very long time! Should Ten the muse leave me in the many years to come, however, this journal will continue to house my Doctor Who fanfiction, as I sincerely doubt my love for the show will ever die (It hasn't in the last 15 years, so I can't imagine it doing so now).

In other news, did you know that it just dissolves all your current paid time? WTF, yo. I had serious peoples I was planning on giving that paid time to! Livejournal, if you weren't so much frickin' better than GreatestJournal, I may be having serious conversations with you. Like the kind that involve a spatula.
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