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Two things. Number one, I apologize for how long it's taking me to do the "Dear Doctor" ficlet. My computer crashed last week, and I lost all of my work, so I have to do a re-write. I will do it, it'll just take longer than expected. =(

Number two:

Which one should I do for ROTM (What do you think would make the best FICLET?)

Today is Guest Teacher Day at Mrs. Eckle’s Kindergarten class. Your job is to teach a class of twenty kindergarteners for half the day. Have a good time.
Today is Guest Stripper Day at the Sugar Shack. You will be spending one shift stripping, waiting on tables and greeting customers. Have a good time.
Today is Guest Judge Day at the courthouse. You will be spending one day dispensing your own unlimited brand of justice. Have a good time.
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