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Thank you realm_of_tammys...

My mun and I would like to thank you, very, very much, for all of the wonderful nominations and wins made possible by you. Now, by 'you', of course, I mean all of you. And by 'all of you', I mean everyone who voted, and by that I don't mean 'voted for me', I just mean voted in general, because the entire event was amazing. Not the part where I got caught in an explosion, or got caught doing 'urgent' things, because that...um...

Um...sorry, that speech got away from me, yeah.

Anyway, you all probably can't imagine how thrilled my mun and I are. I mean, honestly, she's all excited about something about threads or needles or whatever, but I? I won favorite alien with my daughter! And! And! Biggest Salt! Who else gets to say they're the biggest table condiment?! I'm positively chuffed, I tell you. Dead chuffed.

So! In conclusion, thank you again, and thanks for the memories...

OOC: I am so deeply touched by all of my nominations and wins. Ten is a fantastic muse to have, and it's been a blast just playing him against everyone. Without the awesome interaction I've had with you lot, I don't doubt that he wouldn't be the well-rounded muse his is today. Extra special love to ambitous_woman, without whom I wouldn't have half my wins, and to all of the wonderful players and pups I've met through relativespace, who have helped nurture my creative voice by being so wonderful and creative themselves. Catherine-mun and Nine-mun from nottheend, you two are amazing, and I'm so proud to see our hard work paid off. And as for my theatrical_muse friends and fellow roleplayers, you all rock my world up and down, and I'm grateful to have you.

Oh! Clip is from this past week's Doctor Who: Confidential, and is owned by the BBC, like everything Doctor Who. Consequently, the BBC also owns my soul.
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