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roleplay for perfectblue

Gallifreyan year 25430.3975V.23, the 12th week of the year, oooh, around 1:20 pm.

-TARDIS repairs in order, fixed hyperdrive overlay, and recirculated air pressure
-Wind machine room seems to be malfunctioning, check into later
-TARDIS manual missing again, check to see if it's holding one of the back doors open
-Grating on sublevel 67 is faulty and squeaks, repair soon
-Companion is a cat
-Fuel lines appear to be faulty, run a diagnostic scan next week
-Order more milk for refridgerator, it appears to be spoiling

The Doctor glanced at what he had written into the computer and shook his head. A kitten, of all things. And she'd been gone for a disgustingly long time. Long enough he got not one, but two scheduled repairs done. Clearly he was not occupied enough! Doing actual matinence? Ridiculous!

With a sigh, he flipped closed the ledger screen and reopened the diagnostics screen. Might as well see what was wrong with the fuel lines.
Tags: featuring: illyria, roleplay: complete
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