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I am insane, tired, and very flattered.

I think you need a Doctor.

Thank you so very much for everyone who nominated the Doctor! He got so many awesome mentions, it was fantastic! He's a newer muse, and it only prompts the mun to write more for him when it's shown he's liked!

Best Smile
Best Hair

Muse You Most Want To Pounce
Couple You Most Want To See (the Doctor/Rose)
Most Sexually Vanilla Muse
Hottest Couple (the Doctor/Illyria)

Most Tragic Muse
Favorite Non-Human
Favorite Good Guy/Girl

Most Wanted For:

Least Wanted For:
Worst Enemy -that would make you a Dalek!

Most Versatile Writer (heroof_canton, rude_not_ginger, shepard_book, and vaudevillianvet)
Consistent Canon Prompts
Post That Touched Your Heart
Overall Outstanding Prompt Writer
Most Consistently Great Roleplayer

And the awesome banner was made by the lovely Ms. antigone_grace
Tags: awards: tammys 2006
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