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for fandom_muses: May Topic: Daily Routine

Do you have a daily routine? If so, take us through it

900-year Diary

Year 345, Month 14, Day 12
Dating a Timelord's personal diary thing is completely useless. Note to self: Never purchase a pre-dated diary EVER AGAIN.

Woke up. Brushed teeth and hair (sort of on the latter), put on shoes and suit and all that. Not necessarily in that order.

Arrived at Devalocaur with Martha and the cat. Still have yet to get rid of cat. Is particularly frustrating. Got shoes muddy in rain. Must write down to clean them later today.

Martha met a particularly unpleasant man, said she was going to be killed. There're no children around here. Lots of empty buildings. We're going to keep looking around. I'll do the usual. Poke around. Make a spectacular amount of friends. It'll be brilliant.

Discovered it's actually 43:24 in Devalocaur Time.

11am 44:23
The townspeople are being stranger than I'd expected them to be. They're suspicious. I think something is going on.

12pm 44:54
Tried the local cuisine. Not bad, really. The local bartender, one Jake by name, says that all the children of the generation were killed in a holocaust of the ninth. Ninth what? Well, that appears to be the question. Going to get something to wet my throat, and then we're off to see the Grand Chancellor. How exciting!

1pm 45:15
Ran for our lives a bit. The Grand Chancellor is dead. Murdered. Stabbed with his own gavel. The magistrate seem to be unsure which way to go next. Must keep looking for clues Found something interesting. Martha and I are going to check it out.

2pm 46:30
Martha appears to have gone missing.

3pm 47:25
Witnesses say Martha was kidnapped. I'm being followed. I'm now certain that there's a conspiracy against the town, and they have




Don't forget to clean your trainers.



10pm Not sure what time it is, but it isn't that.
Escaped at last! Personal artifacts taken when I was captured by the bretheren of the Nine Realms. That's the Nine Realms of Mandragora, as I suspected when I discovered that they had wiped out a generation, sealing the generation's energy and using it as fuel to bring the rest of the species down on the planet. The Devalocians thought the lights in the sky were a bad omen. The General Chancellor knew what was going on,

11pm and was going to open up the Devalocians minds to the new possibility of alien life, and that threatened the Nine Realms of Mandragora, so they had their vessel, Jake, kill him. Martha managed to convince the local colour that we were on their side. Good thing, too. She was about to be sacrificed to their gods in order to stop the lights from killing them! Quite brilliant, Martha is. You know, on occasion. Well, since we uncovered who was doing the killing,
12am we then made a mad dash off to stop the killers and save the next generation of newborns from being wiped out as well. Long story short (and thank goodness, this page apparently is going to run a bit short) we saved the day and got back in time for tea.

The cat's still around though.

Muse: The Doctor (Ten)
Fandom: Doctor Who
Word Count: 583
Tags: community: fandom muses
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