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for oncoming_storms: 1.5: Appearances Can Be Deceiving

Based on this ficlet by doctorsplusone.

Dear Rose,

My beloved Rose,

My beloved companion,


It's me. Uh, just in case you didn't figure it out by the awkward writing style or the fact that if you're reading this you're in my TARDIS which I don't really ever expect to happen but if it did it would be rather splendid wouldn't it?

That last sentence was a bit of a run-on, wasn't it? I really should get one of those handwriting spell-and-grammar-checkers they sell on Plastastine 3.

Anyway, that's not the reason for this letter, of course. Because, really, writing a letter to talk about grammatically checking a letter, especially to someone one hasn't seen in a long time? Seems quite foolish, don't you think?

So! Yes, I'm here. And it would appear that I'm writing you some sort of a pathetic I-miss-you-and-need-to-get-it-out letter, the kind you see therapists make their patients write (not that I've ever been a patient, or a therapist for that matter, I've just indulged in a bit of Grey's Anatomy lately). However, despite those appearances, this letter is, in fact, merely a way for me to tell you that I’m okay.

Still got all my body parts, something I know you worried about. Two hands, two feet, all my toes. Lost all my blood for a while in between there, but it's back now.


Look, that's an emoticon! I just discovered them. Doesn't work quite as well with handwriting, but I think they're rather brilliant. Expresses a big grin, and you can put a mental image of me with that grin of mine that looks sort of like a D but not really, there.

I've discovered a blue suit in the TARDIS wardrobe. Blue is the official color of mourning on I rather think it goes well with the new red converses I've purchased. At the advice of someone far wiser than myself, I also purchased some black ones, as well, for when I have to dress up.

But, really, other than that? I'm all right.

I am. I'm trying moving forwards, moving onwards, just like you'd expect from me. Just invited someone new to travel with me in the TARDIS, so I'm not alone. I know you wouldn't want that.

Her name is Martha. Martha Jones. She's Mickey's age, but she's training to be a doctor, so the common denominator in our names gives her and I a good bit to talk about. You'd like her. No, who am I kidding, you'd despise her. She's got the same stubborn streak as you, and if the two of you were traveling in the TARDIS, I can imagine the air conditioning would need to be replaced every few weeks from how heated your arguments would be.

All the same, I wish think it would've be nice to have you two meet. Who knows, right? Great big universe and all that.

Now, appearances again, it probably looks like I’m replacing you with her. That's not true, not in the slightest, Rose. Martha is very different from you. A companion, yes. Important, yes. But she's not Rose, and I wanted you to know that because I think you would worry about that and this is the stupidest letter I've ever written second only to that fan letter I wrote to JK Rowling.

That's really all for now. Cloister bell's going off, never a good sign.

I'll write you more when I have more time.

The Doctor

Muse: The Doctor (Ten)
Fandom: Doctor Who
Word Count: 577
Tags: community: oncoming storms, featuring: martha jones, featuring: rose tyler
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