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for theatrical_muse: What has made you smile recently?

What has made you smile recently?

When most men would take a woman home after a fancy party, they'd probably be thinking of those words they'd use to try to seduce the woman, maneuver her into the bedroom or whatever.

The Doctor, of course, wasn't thinking that at all. He already had free reign of her bedroom/livingroom/laundry room---why was her apartment so tiny? Did they really pay medical students so little?---so gaining access there wasn't really a problem. Not that he even wanted access into her bedroom. That was not his idea at all!

Other things were on his mind. More important things.

He leaned against the most assuredly out-of-place phone booth in the middle of her room. This was how they talked, often, he was surprised to find out. Leaning against something, lowered voices and giant grins like...like friends would. She'd become a friend, and that was...well, it was rather surprising, to him. Something he hadn't expected.

"Something else that just kind of escalated then," he said, and he wasn't just referring to the adventure, to the one-more-outing-before-I-go. Their relationship had escalated, and she wasn't just his doctor, wasn't just this person who saved him. Not anymore.

She grinned, and it was that rather flirtatious grin that used to get on his nerves, but eventually settled into familiarity. Martha simply couldn't smirk without smirking flirtatiously, and he wouldn't have had it any other way.

"I can see a pattern developing," she replied, her own shoulder against the blue box, "You should take more care in the future. And the past. And whatever other time period you find yourself in."

Ah, yes. His eyes went to his ship. This was where she'd expected him to leave. It was time for goodbyes, after all. They'd done them before, and again wouldn't hurt but---

He looked back at her, "It's been fun though, innit?"

"Yeah." Her mischievous smirk turned into a rather brilliant grin, one he simply couldn't help but return. And there they were, two living beings in a tiny apartment on Chancellor Street, grinning like fools.

"So, whaddya say?" he asked, gesturing to the ship with a tilt of his head, "One more trip?"

Not his best line ever (the best still being Tegan in 1982, the line being: 'I can't get you home, why not just travel a while with me?'), but he figured it would do. He wasn't too worried about the answer. She loved traveling with him, he could see it in how her eyes sparkled, and she'd taken a bit of a shine to him, which wasn't too bad, as long as she remembered to stay on her side of the console.

Her eyes glittered for a moment, but then her face fell. It looked like she'd been reminded of something. Something he'd said or done? Something her mother had said?

She shook her head, "No, sorry."

His face fell, and his eyebrows knitted together. No? No? From Donna, he could understand, but from Martha? "What do you mean?" he asked, ""I thought you liked it!"

"I do!" she replied, "But I can't go on like this, 'one more trip', it's not fair."

"What're you talking about?"

She looked sad, but she spoke clearly, with that weird authority she'd carried since he first met her. "I don't want to be just a passenger anymore, s'like you're just taking me on for a treat. If that's how you still see me, well, I'd rather stay here."

She didn't want to stay, he could tell that. The way her eyes lit up when he offered, the way she couldn't keep eye contact with him when she made her demands. She wanted to go with him as much as he wanted her to. She wasn't Rose, though. She couldn't replace her.

He took a breath, and nodded, slowly. He couldn't do anything but respect Martha, respect what he could and couldn't give her. "Okay, then, if that's what you want."

She didn't bother with being upset, she went right into offended. Head tilted to the side, she put her hand on her hip and stepped away from him. "Right. Well, we've already said goodbye once today, it's probably best if you just go."

Sighing loudly, she crossed her arms and put her back to him. He'd seen this sort of look before, when he was leaving his companions, letting them go when they didn't want to. They just didn't want to have to face the TARDIS as it dematerialized for the last time.


She turned, sharply, "What is it?"

He blinked, "What? I said 'okay'."

Complete confusion. "Sorry?"

He nodded back to the ship with his head, "O-kay."

Ah, now there was the realization he was looking for. Like he'd just given her a puppy at Christmas or something, and she all but bounced over to him (a rather impressive feat in those heels of hers), tossing her arms around him. He hadn't hugged her before today, except that one time back in Manhattan, but, now, he couldn't imagine why he didn't. She was so very huggable.

"Oh, thank you, thank you!" He pulled back, at last, if only because he was worried she might bust at the seams with all that excitement if he didn't let her go.

"We-ell, you were never really just a passenger, were you?"

She grinned madly at him, and, as before, he couldn't help but smile back.

Muse: The Doctor (Ten)
Fandom:Doctor Who
Word Count: 901
Tags: community: theatrical muse, exercise: anatomy of a scene, featuring: martha jones
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