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ooc: Self-absorbed self-pimping

Hey, guys, another OOC note!

I think a bunch of you old skool TM crewies know, but the realm_of_tammys are coming back in June! These are basically like the Oscars of TM. They do nominations, then votes, and then have a red-carpet thread where nominees and non-voted pups can get drunk, give speeches, and make general asses of themselves. A total popularity contest that brings out the juvenile I-really-wasn't-popular-in-high-school in me. I am, quite frankly, blazingly excited. At the time of the last awards, I'd only had the Doctor a couple of weeks, and he still managed quite a few nominations, and I'm hoping for a win or two this time coming up. =)

So, this year, I hope you darlings will vote, vote often, and vote THE TENTH DOCTOR for as many awesome categories as you think he deserves. Just remember, while we all know he has a great ass, it's pretty obvious that ninth_doctor has a better ass, and we all know that thecricketer has a more dazzling smile and that trion_exile has way better hair (though don't tell Ten that). Don't forget the Who pups need your nominations and votes!

This year, however, I am callin' out you guys to do some nominating, when the time comes, because the Doctor wasn't in any serious relationships back at the last award, and this year, I want him to win a few awards for 'em. Here's what I want you guys to nominate (from what they usually put up every year):

BEST RELATIONSHIP: rude_not_ginger/decadentmind/ninewho (EDIT: ROTM is part of the voting arena! So...yay!)

BEST NC-17 THREAD: rude_not_ginger and ambitious_woman in http://rude-not-ginger.livejournal.com/9664.html

COUPLE SO SWEET YOUR TEETH HURT (let's break the current holder's record!): rude_not_ginger and alainn_aislinn

NOW, this is not to discount any other relationships, NC-17 threads, or teeth-achingly sweet couplings the Doctor has done, but these are the ones I think I'd like to see win.

Now, I really want to win "BEST THREAD" too, but I have WAAAAAAAY too many favorites. Anyone got any ideas?
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