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There is a kitty, looking confusedly at the door to the TARDIS.

Why had it landed? Where exactly had it landed?

He headed towards the door and, after much scraping, managed to open the door and step out. The TARDIS had been pulled through some sort of rift, it appeared. And landed...well, he wasn't exactly sure where they'd landed, but it appeared to be some sort of abandoned warehouse building...with lots of kitty treats everywhere. Strange!

OOC: Here's a post for all you kitties out there. Crack to the nth degree, it is. Peruse, goof off, have fun. Any kitties or friends-of-kitties are allowed to hop in here and have a good time. I'm gonna be on-and-off all night, but I'll tag you whenever I can! =D
Tags: persona: kitten!doctor
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