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ooc - Editing the relativespace wiki

Hopefully, this will be the last ooc note for a while, as I'm hoping to jump right back into RP and prompts!

As it is, I've picked up another side project---filling out The Story Thus Far for relativespace. I think it'll be fun to go over some of our old threads, see what got us where we are.

Anybody up for splitting some of the dates? If I can get enough interested people, we could all take a month or so, write up what happened in threads, perhaps provide a link with that? Like:

*Grace Holloway (alt 1) meets up with the Eighth Doctor, and the two of them discuss alternate realities while trapped from the rain.

You don't have to know wiki-speak, I can go through and edit whatever you write.

Anyone interested? You're welcome to if you're not part of the community, just give me what you wrote and I'll put it into the wiki. Probably be a lot of fun, y'all can take a look 'round what happened!

November: beige_doc
March: rude_not_ginger
April: rude_not_ginger
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