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OOC: On romance.

Due to current...ahem, uh, tabloid news (DOCTOR WHO IS A KID'S SHOW, WE DON'T DO PENIS JOKES), I figured I might want to, uh, sort out my pup's, uh, love life (such as it is). For those of you who don't know and my own personal, rather confused...well, ways.

For relativespace: Engaged to and deeply in love with ambitious_woman, though also connected deeply to doctorsplusone, despite the fact she is with a former version of himself, and is also connected to fluffnfreckles, even though he is himself. *headscratch*

For theatrical_muse: Involved with alainn_aislinn. Still harbors deep feelings for ibringlife and timelady_lost. Can also be seen making out with flexibledancer, but that's a whole 'nother story.

For realmof_themuse: Single, not looking. Involved in a complicated relationship with decadantmind and his former self, ninewho. Think The Time Traveler's Wife, only...more alien.

For oncoming_storms: Single, though has been seen having tea and cheese sticks with gets_inside_you.

All other communities and AUs and whatever, the Doctor is unattached.

While I adore my pup's interpersonal relationships, please please please do not come to me asking if you can have a pup attached to him, married to him, or have his child. I do not roleplay for relationship purposes only, I only do NC-17 threads occasionally, and I like to focus on other aspects of the character. Like...character development. Action adventure. Pissing people off. He's very good at pissing people off. =)

That's all for now. Some of this information is going to be put to that Where's-the-Doctor-playing post I put up a few weeks ago, and I'll link that to the main userinfo page.
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