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For TM verse (though other pups may metalishishly play)

The halls of the TARDIS are very quiet. The hiding places where one might expect to find the Doctor are empty, and his regular brown suit, or his new blue suit, are both crumpled in his bedroom rather than being worn.

He appears to simply no longer be within the TARDIS.

There is, however, a new occupant. A small, brown kitten. Some of you may have seen this kitten before, others may not.

He doesn't appear to be very amused.

[OOC: The sad of the last couple of days has finally eaten up the Doctor, and he's succumbed to the TM curse. Again. Goddamnit, Ten. You silly emo pup. He'll be a kitten for the next couple of days. All threads with him for the TM verse will be slowtimed as I attempt to keep him from scratching furniture.]
Tags: persona: kitten!doctor
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