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OOC: Doctor Where?

Everybody's doing it.

In relativespace:

This universe is entirely AU, spinning off from 2.03, "The Girl in the Fireplace". Instead of fixing the fireplace and escaping back to the 51st century, the Doctor remains trapped in France, becoming physician, and eventually consort, to Madame de Pompadour (ambitious_woman). In leaping through the mirror, he left Rose (doctorsplusone) to fend in the 51st century with Mickey (the two eventually escaped back to modern day Earth). The Doctor is pulled through a rift with Reinette, and the two of them have been working with his alternate universe selves to try to save the world.
=>RP threads take place in the community.

In realmof_themuse:

Prompts are exclusively canon unless otherwise stated. Relatively canonical, just fills in "missing" time with the Doctor and Martha (notquiteadoctor) with a complicated triangle between Ten, the Rani (Catherine Endicott, decadentmind), and his Ninth self (ninewho).
=>Due to popular demand (can you believe it? -ed.) all RP threads for this can be read in nottheend.

In theatrical_muse:

Prompts are exclusively canon unless otherwise stated. Traveling in time and space with various companions, causing various degrees of trouble. Current canon shifts in RP here, and will be danced around as much as possible. His ship is quite full (but can always take more -ed.).
Companion Timeline:
+ ibringlife (present day)
+ the_corsair (present day)
+ alainn_aislinn (present day)
+ timelady_lost (present day)
+ doctormjones (present day, canon)
- onewingbloody (fifty years after present)
- antigone_grace (one hundred years after present)
+ perfectblue (multi-century post present)

=>RP threads take place in player journals and occasionally in tardis_tm.

In our_magic_place:

Prompts are exclusively canon unless otherwise stated. No RP has been done for OMP yet. Hopefully soon, though! =D

In oncoming_storms:

Prompts are exclusively canon unless otherwise stated. Has had lunch with, and is currently bobbing 'round the universe with gets_inside_you. Plotting and threading is in the works with twirl_me_round for a return of Rose, albeit without her memory.
=>RP threads take place in both player journals and in the community.
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