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for realmof_themuse: 1.53.2: Nosy

You've gone to visit a friend. While in a room (bathroom, bedroom, whatever), you become curious. Nosy. So you open the door to a closet, slide open a drawer, lift the lid on a box...basically, you've been a naughty, nosy person. But what is inside shocks you. What did you find and what are you going to do about it?

"Martha, you in here?"

The Doctor was a bit surprised at how easily the young Miss Jones was taking to living in the TARDIS. She learned how to use the food creation machine on her first go, picked a room that wasn't too out of the way if he needed to bother her, and, most importantly, she didn't bother him about Rose. She let him have his own secrets. He had a feeling he was going to like her a great deal.

Then again, there was the constant flirting. Well, it was harmless, really.

He slid open the door to her bedroom and glanced inside. No Martha here. Odd, he hadn't seen her pass the console room, and she couldn't have left, they were in deep orbit. Maybe she'd gone exploring...

He turned to leave when something caught his eye, poking out from underneath her bed. Something square-shaped and wooden. A box, perhaps? He glanced out the door, then back into the room before stepping in and crouching down.

This was bad. He was being nosy Nosy and naughty. Nosy, naughty and....oh, he really couldn't make that alliteration go any further without it getting completely out of hand.

All the same, he pulled the bedsheet up to reveal not a box but...a set of clogs. Well-worn Dutch clogs. Dancing clogs, if he wasn't completely mistaken. He picked one of them up and examined it curiously. He most certainly hadn't given her clogs, and they appeared to be in Martha's size.

And what was this? Underneath the clogs were some magazines. Particularly smutty and inappropriate magazines. The Doctor felt his cheeks redden as he picked one up to gape at the cover. Lesbian smutty magazines. Not that that was a problem, just...what with all the flirting...perhaps he was just very off in his determination of what she wanted.

He pulled the sheet up a bit more to have a better look, only to have the black sheet pull off the bed. A dress, hidden under her sheet? What was---no, not a dress, a leotard. Complete with a hoodie and mask. And a belt with throwing stars.


The Doctor dropped the suit and spun around, looking positively terrified, "Martha!"

"What are you doing?" the young woman put her hands on her hips and stared at him furiously, "This is my room!"

"I was just---"

"You were nosing around? What did you find?"

The Doctor took a breath. "Martha, are you...a clog dancing ninja lesbian?"

"Yeah, so?"

"Just wondering."

"Right, now you've sorted that out, you mind buggering off?"

He stood and all but bolted for the door, "I'm gone!"

Muse: The Doctor (Ten)
Fandom: Doctor Who
Word Count: 440
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