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Heyo! So, I'm back, should be pretty much back into full tagging-force very soon. Missy Miss Mickerson ambitious_woman will be back soon, as well, but she's still enjoying her well-earned vay-kay. I'm sure I'll do an obnoxious picspam at some point.

What this post is, though, uh, is something I've wanted to do for a while: Pimp out relativespace. It's a pan-Doctor Who community, spanning across all of the 29 years of Who-dom, including Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures.

The plotline is cut and dry: Universe in peril, the Timelords have instituted an emergency protocol that pulls all the most important people from the universe (and other universes) together to save the fabric of time.

What makes this community unique, besides the fact that it's full of some of the most talented Doctor Who writers I've ever read, is the fact that you can play alternate universe characters within the community.

Stay with me here. Okay, so that crack-idea you've always had for Doctor #5? Even though there's already a canon!Five, you can still pick that up.

I took major advantage of this idea. ambitious_woman and I have had a "what if" alternate universe that spins off from "Girl in the Fireplace"---what if the Doctor couldn't get back from the fireplace? Along with doctorsplusone (the Rose that waited for the Doctor who never returned), it's created a whole new universe of possibilities to play with. In this community, we've got a Rose that never met the Doctor, we've got a Sarah Jane that became president of New Caprica (yes, that New Caprica), we've got a Third Doctor with a mowhawk. Anything is possible, and the results are hilarious, heartbreaking, and just damn brilliant.

The people in here are mature, fun, and welcoming. Also? Major plus is that there isn't any wank. The mod is awesome, brilliant, and easygoing, you'll just have a ton of fun.

Now, I know y'all. I've got you friended, I've read your amazing stuff. If you've considered playing a Doctor Who pup, someone from Torchwood, or even an Original Character, you should definitely apply. I love this community. And, if you've ever talked to me, you know I'm a snobby-ass-bastard, so that means this community rocks.

Don't argue. The community is awesome, just do it!

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