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RP for vote4nathan

After this.

"Behave!" The Doctor slammed his fist against the console, and the rickety machine finally settled down its racket, twisting the correct way down the Time Vortex, towards New York, 2007.

Nathan Petrelli's campaign headquarters? He could settle somewhere around there. That would be good, be easy for the other man to find the ship and also get him back without much of a question as to where he'd gone.

He materialized the TARDIS in the alley next to the campaign headquarters and grinned. Perfect landing. Smooth, without fault.

Beep. Beep.

Well, almost no fault.

Time disruption on this planet? Time being folded in on itself? No, that must've just been a computer error. The Doctor shrugged on his coat and stepped out, heading for the front door of the campaign office with a lopsided grin on his face.
Tags: featuring: nathan petrelli, roleplay: incomplete
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