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The Doctor never liked the appearance of River Song. Whenever she appeared, he was always left confused, timesick, and on one strange occasion, drugged into unconsciousness by hallucinogenic lipstick.

This time, she arrived with a note, which she pushed into his hand before promptly disappearing. More than a note, of course. It was an invitation to the opening of a ship he'd never heard of before in a part of the universe he hadn't been in centuries.

What was she playing at?

He checked his hair in the mirror of his bedroom (and felt immediately awkward, because he shouldn't care what River thought of his hair), and headed back towards the console room. Right, whereever she was sending him, he was going. He wished he could figure out why.

He stepped outside. The hallway was brightly lit, with plush red carpet and mahogany walls showing the very pinnacle of taste and interspace elegance. But where was everyone? Where was River?

He shut the TARDIS door and started down the hallway.
Tags: featuring: the eleventh doctor, roleplay: incomplete
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