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for guysandolls: Doctor Who, The Tenth Doctor, Reserved

[journal] electric_girl
[age] 26 31 July 1984
[previous characters] John Watson, so_loyal

[series] Doctor Who
[full name] Unknown. Alias: The Doctor
[age] 1,765. He will say he is 905. He is very vain.
[gender] Male
[canon point] Directly after Waters of Mars
[reference] http://www.bbc.co.uk/doctorwho/dw
A Time Lord has thirteen lives. The Doctor has lived ten of his. He has been a lover, he has been an angry old man, and he's been a spacey bohemian. Now, nearing the end of his tenth life, the Doctor is in his cruelest, coldest, and most manic incarnation. He has all the energy of a five year old with ADHD hopped on sugar, and all the cruelty of an ancient space warrior who has seen too much death to worry about causing more. He leaps, occasionally without warning, from his happy and excited persona into the angry and cold persona, half without realizing it, and half out of a need to protect himself from the monster he's afraid he's becoming.

But some background, first.

Several millenia ago, when a curse on the Time Lord race stopped all normal breeding, Gallifreyans began "weaving" new Time Lords into existence by use of a genetic Loom that would reconstitute beings and thus keep the race in existence. Some 900 Gallifreyan years ago, an unregistered child, weaved out of a human woman and a mysterious Time Lord known as 'the Other', was created. Individualistic and highly anti-establishment, the man, who eventually adopted the alias 'the Doctor', ran from his planet's legal authorities and stole a broken-down Type 40 TARDIS (in his defense, they were going to neutralize it along with all of the other Type 40s being birthed at the time) along with his granddaughter, who eventually adopted the name Susan Foreman.

Very little is known about the Doctor's family life, short of his granddaughter, Susan, whom he doted on until the time of her death, during the Time War. He grew many allies throughout many planets, not the least of which was the Lady President of Gallifrey, Romanadevortralundar (currently deceased), and it was rumored that the two were lovers. He also allied himself with the human establishment U.N.I.T. (United Nations Intelligence Taskforce), an anti-alien military force headed by Brigader Alistar Gordon Lethbridge Stewart. During his brief exile to Earth due to his constant interference with the history of the universe, Lethbridge-Stewart took the Doctor in as a scientific advisor, and gave him a home when his own planet refused him access. Eventually, Gallifrey welcomed the Doctor back, with the understanding that he would stop the actions of a rival Time Lord known as the Master.

The Master and the Doctor were friends, once, back when they called themselves "Koschei" and "Theta Sigma", respectively. When the Doctor, then Theta Sigma, brutally killed a bully in order to save the Master, then Koschei, his guilt over the murder outweighed his friendship with Koschei, and he sold him to the Gallifreyan Immortal Death, who turned the Master into her servant (or tried to, at least). The split between the friends never repaired, and the Doctor vowed to stop the Master's evil, while the Master vowed never to stop hunting down the Doctor. Few companions know the true nature of the Doctor and the Master's relationship, because the Doctor sees it as one of his greatest failures.

Despite being the "good" Time Lord between himself and the Master, the Doctor has always been an incredible rebel. He refused to submit to any establishment, and eventually ran away in order to free himself of Gallifrey's constrictions.

During the Time War, a great battle between the races of the universe, the Time Lords planned to eliminate the entire universe and exist as thought only. In order to stop them, the Doctor unleashed "the moment", which destroyed all of Gallifrey and killed every Time Lord in the universe, apart from the Doctor.

Although he has spent many centuries alone, it is rare for the Doctor to land on Earth companionless, as showing the universe to a companion is one of his greatest pleasures.

After suffering a traumatic regeneration saving the life of his companion, Rose Tyler, the Doctor began to travel once again. While falling in love with humans was considered taboo in his own culture, the Doctor had fallen in love with Rose, and although their relationship never turned sexual, he was incredibly attached to her. She brought him out of the darkness he had fallen into after the Time War, and helped him regenerate into the younger, more carefree man he was in his tenth life. When she was ripped away from him and sent to an alternate universe, the Doctor began to spiral into a darker, more depressed state. He began believing that he wasn't meant to be happy, as the one person who had made him happy in so many centuries was gone.

He then traveled with Martha Jones, losing her to her own world when he selfishly could not let her in or allow her to be more than just a replacement for Rose.  He met Astrid, a waitress from Sto, and eventually lost her when she sacrificed herself for the human race on Christmas day.

Eventually, he travelled with Donna Noble, a sassy woman from London, who became his best friend. She did not see him as anything sexual whatsoever, so any pressure he felt from Martha's unrequited love for him wasn't present. He regained some of his lighthearted personality and began to enjoy the universe, traveling with an equal rather than a youngster. Eventually, the Doctor had to wipe Donna's entire memory of him and their time together in order to save her life. This act (along with sending Rose away when she reappeared) sealed the Doctor away from a carefree and happy life, and sent him towards the cold, dark person he became at the end of his life.

Most recently, the Doctor met Christina de Souza on Earth, but denied her the ability to travel with him, stating that he hurt those who did and he would never do that again.  However, on Mars, when he broke the time laws to save a group of doomed settlers, he realized that he needs a companion most of all, because without them he goes much, much too far. He believed he was a god, and it wasn't until one of the settlers, Adelaide Brooke, killed herself to reset time, that he realized what he'd done. When he arrives in the city, he is still reeling from the guilt and confusion over his actions.

The Doctor is very old, which is probably the most important characteristic to take into mind when analyzing his personality. He has seen a lot and it's affected him. He doesn't give second chances, doesn't want to. He practices revenge and brutal justice, though never violence. At least, not violence he deals out. He manipulates people and situations to act violent for him. As Davros said in Journey's End, he takes people and turns them into weapons.

Despite his twisted sense of justice and his manipulative personality, the Doctor does have a very strong moral code. He believes entirely in good and evil, right and wrong. He saves worlds, but not because they're "good" or "beautiful". He does it because it's RIGHT. He wants to be the good person, he wants to do the right thing. He's lived far too long to believe there's no darkness in him, but he wants to make sure the good part of him wins out.

Yet, despite the darkness and wisdom of his age, he still has an overlaying mask of humor and naiveté. He loves exploring, loves bouncing from place to place, and loves the little things in life. He also makes light of very serious situations, presumably to make them easier for a companion or a friend who is there.

He needs people. He needs his companions, needs his friends. He latches onto them and holds on for dear life. Alone, he's left with his thoughts and his memories, with his companions he can be whatever he wants them to think he is. A lover, a fighter, silly, sexy, whatever. He's stubborn and rude but never cruel. "Never" of course meaning "unless the situation permits."

[orientation] Omnisexual. His own race is dead, so sexual contact with anyone is really very odd and taboo, seen almost as bestiality among his own race. As it is, the Doctor is far more interested in the stars and romancing the universe than just sleeping around with his companions, though he has been known to engage in the occasional sexual liaison. He has canonically expressed interest in both men and women.
[appearance] http://www.bamkapow.com/ul/4567-david-tennant-26.jpg
The Doctor also has two hearts and low body temperature. He also has blood that does not look like typical blood. Also, his erogenous zones are on the back of his neck and his elbows. Hooray alien physiology!
[wish] The Time War never happened.
[requested house] Iki
[misc notes] I will be dramatically toning down the Doctor's psionic abilities, mostly because the canon behind them is very shaky and not at all consistent. He can tell if someone is "fixed" in time, speak every language, and connect to someone psychically by touching them and connecting.

Doctor Who's 50 year canon is very fluid and while I have seen it all, I don't accept it all because sometimes it is very silly. I accept all aired television canon as canon and history, most of the audio stories as canon, and a few of the novels as canon.
[thread link]

[network post]
[the screen cuts on, and a man is sitting there, looking at the screen with a wide smile. He looks youngish, late thirties at the most, with his tattoo crawling up the side of his face and across his cheek]

[he reaches out and taps the camera, then nods]
Right, that's got that working.

Hello! My name is John Smith, I'm the newest resident here, and I've been told to inform you all that----

[he looks to the side, at an autocue off screen] ---"ready to give my services as an Entertainer. I am excited to begin my services to pay off my debt."

[the fake smile fades, just a bit, and he lets out a little sigh as he adds on the last:] As soon as possible.
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