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A Servant to Time and Consequence

for theatrical_muse: Strength

It has been an absolutely mad day.

The Doctor stands there, finally having found the crystal shard of Mandubas II and destroyed it, saved Rose from the evil forces of Getrishak, and kept Mickey generally out of trouble. The three of them stand now at their long-sought destination: The hidden UNIT watering hole outside of London.

This was, of course, where they had originally intended to go, before the forces of Getrishak stepped in the way, their commandeered vehicle was commandeered by UNIT, and Rose’s brain was nearly suffocated by an evil telepathic force.

“Not as impressive as I thought it’d be,” Rose says, letting out a little exhausted sigh as she looks around the tiny pub, adorned with black-and-white photographs of UNIT personnel, with a few old-fashioned pistols and alien artifacts framed up as well.

“Oi,” the Doctor says, looking over to her. “When I worked for UNIT, this was the prime place to go after work. We used to have the entire group here! Me, Liz, Benton, Yates---“

“Doesn’t look like it’s such a hot spot now,” Mickey says, wiping the entrails off of his face. It’s true. The entire pub is empty, save for a tired looking bartender, who has long since learned not to be impressed with anything the old scientific advisor might pull while here.

“That’s because everyone’s gone on a 24-hour workday schedule,” a booming voice says from behind them. “Leaves very little time for recreation.”

The trio turns around. Behind them stands an older man, probably in his late seventies, dressed smartly in an old UNIT uniform. It doesn’t fit him like it used to, but he’s still quite formidable. An old soldier, back in his old stomping grounds.

“That’s him!” Mickey says. “That’s the bloke who took the car!”

“I’m sorry, Doctor,” the man says, handing over a set of keys. “But this young man was stealing a UNIT vehicle during a UNIT crisis. We had no choice but to take it back in order to carry our people out.”

“You pointed a gun at me!” Mickey squeaks.

The Doctor, unaffected by Mickey’s squeaking, takes the keys. “Brigadier,” he says. “You recognize me, then?” He breaks into a huge, toothy grin.

“Of course,” the Brigadier says. “Who else could it be?”

Fair point.

“You know this guy?” Rose asks, leaning into the Doctor’s shoulder.

“Brigadier Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart,” the Doctor says.

“The Doctor was our scientific advisor,” the Brigadier says. “And the moment old Arty back there saw you’d arrived, they called me. In case of disaster.”

“I can’t imagine why,” the Doctor says, and by the tone of his voice, it’s apparent he really doesn’t.

“But I’m getting too old for this, Doctor,” the Brigadier says. “I think it’s about time I left this life for the new generation. Including that doctor you sent over to us.”

“What doctor?” the Doctor asks.

The Brigadier, perhaps unwittingly being pulled by the fabric of time, doesn’t answer, he merely turns to head towards the door.

“Where will you go?” Rose asks.

“Nevermind that!” Mickey says, flailing. “He pulled a gun on me!”

The Brigadier smiles, then pulls out a pair of sunglasses, which he smoothly slips on.

He grins. “Deal with it.”

Muse: The Doctor (Ten)
Fandom: Doctor Who
Word Count: 538
For Nicholas Courtney, who was the most badass companion ever. He deserves his own meme.
Tags: community: theatrical muse, featuring: brigadier lethbridge-stewart, featuring: mickey smith, featuring: rose tyler
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