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ooc: State of the Mun

I'm recovering from surgery, working 40 hours a week, and still doing 45+ hours a week in class. It's been a hell of a busy couple of weeks. I wish I could say it was going to ease up, but I think that the rest of the semester is going to be pretty much the same.

I apologize muchly for not being around. I'm hoping to find myself with some free time at...some point. I'll do my best to post something at least once a week and catch the tags I owe. If I owe you a tag, please ping/email/reply and let me know. I don't know everything I'm behind on.

You're welcome to IM me at rickmaniac101, or follow my real life LJ at electric_girl in order to see where I am or what I'm up to. Whenever I'm on, I'll be there.

Thanks so much for your patience, lovelies!
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