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Personally, I just don't want to see old content suddenly deleted.

Some of the best RP I've ever done was done back when I first started RPing as the Doctor in 2006. Some of it was terrible, some of it was heartbreaking, but the point is, it's still archived and around if ever I want to read it, remember it, or just go back to it.

Well, that is, until some of the inactive LJ members out there get deleted. No one likes new available usernames like I do, but I hate the idea of losing old content. So many of us RPers out there don't even update our journals, we just use them to RP with.

Write an update in your journal, community, or anything. Keep it alive.

EDIT: Much more eloquently put by ambitious_woman: http://ambitious-woman.livejournal.com/137030.html

EDIT 2: via spiffynamehere: LJ has redefined an inactive account to: A journal is defined as inactive if it has not been logged into for 24 consecutive months and has only one post (i.e., the welcome post). A community is defined as inactive if has not been updated for 24 consecutive months and has only one entry and no comments.

So if you've never posted with your journal, post something! Post a picture of a fish. We all like fish, don't we?

Originally posted by bookshop at A proposal.
Regarding LJ's decision to delete inactive journals and all content associated with those journals, a massive user response may be appropriate. Because:

A) The issue isn't ultimately about inactive and active users. It's about what content is considered valid and who controls it.

LJ is removing User A's right to control and own the content they have created. LJ is saying that it can take what is essentially now temporary storage space away from User A at any time. And not just from User A, but all of their communities and comments--all of their content throughout the site, despite how many other still-active users that might affect.

If User A's right to own and control their own content is not seen as valid in and of itself, then there are, fundamentally, *no* rules at all about the permanence of content on Livejournal. None.

B) If fandom doesn't speak for itself, then LJ is obviously not going to speak for us. And in this instance maybe the most effective way fandom can speak is by not speaking at all.

So: if you're one of the people who does not want to see LJ delete journals, journal entries, comments, and community posts (including countless numbers of fic, fanart posts, and RPG community posts and comment threads), then:

I'm proposing Wednesday, July 21, as a Day of Silence. Midnight GMT to Midnight GMT. If you protest LJ's decision to silence inactive users, then go silent on Livejournal for a full day. Don't post, don't comment, don't send gifts or support their ads.

Fandom (and numerous other subcultures) has huge pockets of its community, history, and culture that *depend* on LJ's long-standing promise never to delete inactive content. LJ would be effectively silencing all of those huge areas of our communal space.

So: show them what it looks like when they silence us. Let's all shut up for a day.


Also: please remember that if you all gobble up these new usernames that LJ unleashes, then you are financially rewarding LJ for destroying valuable fandom community spaces.

And giving Livejournal that much more incentive to destroy more fandom space in the future.


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