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for relativeprompts: What should you never have gotten away with?


A List of the Atrocities committed by the Doctor in his Tenth Incarnation since arriving to Earth, 2006 A.D.

Things done that could be considered "not good":

- Stealing and reading alternate universe Rose Tyler's diary.
consequence: None

- Leaving the toilet seat up on various occasions in Catherine's home.
consequence: None

- Breaking Catherine Endicott's medical examination tool
consequence: None

- Breaking Sarah Jane Smith's computer
consequence: None

- Carrying an unregistered weapon in a public place
consequence: Arrested by local authorities

- Violent encounters with:
a) Kalli, two instances
consequence: None
b) Alternate Universe self (Tenth Incarnation), multiple instances
consequence: Multiple bruises, minor fractures
c) Alternate Universe self (Fifth Incarnation), single instance
consequence: fractured ribcage, multiple bruises
d) Ianto Jones
consequence: Bloody nose
e) Alternate Universe Rose Tyler, multiple instances
consequence: Extreme annoyance

Instances of:


- Conspiring against Catherine Endicott (The Rani)
a) Deception, leading her into TARDIS due to false pretenses
b) Attempted seduction
c) Drugging, chaining and holding against Catherine's will
d) Torture, mind probing
(Although the subject of this conspiracy was released and relations mended, the ongoing feelings of guilt should be noted. This was considered a very serious crime by the committer. - ed.)

- Conspiring against the Master.
a) Leading said individual to believe attraction was present when it most certainly was not
b) Shaving of sideburns (So terrible. - ed.)
c) Conspiracy with alternate universe self, Jeanne Antoinette Possion, Rose Tyler
d) Chaining and binding of the Master
e) Simply 'forgetting' to feed and hydrate prisoner, and let him out for relief of urinary and other 'needs'

- Conspiring to kill Master
a) Carrying weaponry
b) Carrying unauthorized weaponry to duel (handgun)
c) Using aforementioned unauthorized weaponry (badly. - ed.)
d) Using unauthorized weaponry brought by adversary (small knife)
e) Leaving duel unfinished


- Removed due to length of list

Sexual Deviancies

- Public sexual relations with consort (Jeanne Antoinette Poisson) in:
a) Library, Catherine's house, late evening
b) Living room, Sarah Jane's house, late evening

- Inappropriate kissing with:
a) Alternate universe self, multiple occasions
b) Rose Tyler, twice, Library of the Universe shelves. (Possible length of said kisses is rather unknown due to emotional confusion, nor the direction said kisses might have lead. Perhaps for the best. - ed.)
c) Kalli, single occasion, library, Catherine's house (In defense, Kalli was the kisser - ed.)

- Inappropriate sexual actions
a) With alternate universe self, at club. Possible excuses reasons for action include heavy oxygenated ecstasy in air at time.
b) Rose Tyler, Library of the Universe (Striken due to the incomplete-ness of encounter, and the unlikelihood of its reoccurrence. Editor believes this is unimportant to reiterate over and bloody over again - ed.)

The List is both ongoing and incomplete.
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